Thunder News Flash – April 14, 2018

April 13, 2018
  • Care for Everyone in Our Common Home

    In light of the Humboldt Tragedy, I decided that the focus of this past Wednesday’s school assembly should be about the power of the Paschal Mystery (from death comes new life). I would like to share with you some of the themes of that assembly in the hopes that you might be able to reinforce the concepts at home. 

    I started with three questions: How do we handle adversity? How do we handle suffering and pain? How do we handle tragic loss?

    To understand how to answer those questions we talked about how the Resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate example that from death comes new life. But we also talked about how the Paschal Mystery continues to occur and how we have to look for it in our own lives. To help the students understand, I gave them the several examples, including that of Terry Fox. Terry Fox’s suffering lead to the Marathon of Hope and although he died, his death has given life to others through the foundation established in his name. We also talked about Humboldt and how in the midst of tragedy a community and a country has become united in supporting the families affected. 

    But it is also important for our children and ourselves to understand that the Paschal Mystery is at work in small ways too. Jesus pointed this out to his disciples with his parable of the Grain of Wheat: “Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit” (Jn 12:24). To make this point more relatable, I shared with the students some of the lessons I learned from a pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago) I did with my wife in 2008. The main point was that there were times in which I felt like quitting or giving up. There were some very low points and at each of those points there was someone else, my wife, a fellow pilgrim, a former pilgrim, or a religious sister, that was there to help me on my way. Eventually we made it to Santiago, but the more important lesson was that what my wife and I learned on the Camino de Santiago would shape us for the rest of our life. Each time I am faced with suffering I think back to the Camino and how I had to keep moving forward. And when I see others suffer I try to think of all those who helped support me in my pilgrimage. We then talked about how our life is like a pilgrimage because we are journeying towards life with God in heaven. 

    I concluded by providing answers to the three questions I started with. How do we handle adversity? With Hope because Hope is the believe that our suffering is worth it and that it will get better. That things may be hard now but we have Hope that things will get better. How do we handle suffering and pain? With Faith because Faith teaches us that our suffering and pain has meaning. Because to have Faith in Jesus means we believe in the Resurrection and life with God in heaven. How do we handle tragic loss? With Love because Love unites and bonds us. Because Love is supportive and comforting and empathetic. 


  • Walkathon

    It’s Almost Here!!!!  Our school’s largest fundraiser is just 2 weeks away.  This year we aim to raise $25, 000.00 to grow a ‘St. James’ & St. Ann’s Legacy Fund’ for the purpose of supporting the ‘Furnishing and Fittings’ of a new school building.

    Permission forms came home on Friday, April 13th, with your oldest child, please sign and return to the school by Friday, April 20th.

    Thank you so much for your dedication to our school and for your help in reaching our goal. Together we can do it!!!

    Please click here for the 2018 Walkathon Pledge Sheet.

    Online pledges can be made through Chimp on our school website.

  • Beauty and the Beast Musical

    Our Beauty and the Beast JR Musical is this week! This year our Grandparents Tea will be on April 18th starting at 11:45 am in the school gym. Grandparents in our community are invited to come for a light lunch served by our Grade 5 students and then stay for the musical which will start at 12:30pm. Our evening performance is on April 19th. We are asking for your cooperation in reserving tickets through our office so that we know how many people we can anticipate. Doors open at 6:30pm and the performance will start at 7pm.

    Play tickets that have been ordered where sent home in backpacks on Friday with the oldest child.  It is not to late to order your tickets – please email

    Those with tickets will be given the first opportunity to get seats for the show. Walk ins may not be able to see the show due to the amount of tickets already reserved as we do have limited seating. Those who are not able to make the Evening show can come to the 12:30pm show on April 18th.

    Thank you for your support! 

  • Matthew's House Coffee Fundraiser

    The grade four students and parents are pleased to invite you to join them for a Starbucks Coffee Morning on Monday, April 23 at 8:30-10:00 ish. Coffee and treats will be available by donation. All funds raised will go to Matthew’s House. We thank you for your support.

  • Speech Arts

    Congratulations to our Grade 7 and Grade 3 Classes who both received GOLD on their speech performances. Also congratulations to all of our individual students who represented our school admirably!

  • What About Me? Becoming the Parents Our Children Need 

    May 5th at 7:00 pm – St. Ann’s Parish

    St. Ann’s Family Group invites you to a special parenting presentation. How do we grow in the face of caring for our children? Is there a reset button? Best-selling author and counsellor Deborah MacNamara, PhD, is here to answer these questions and more. Deborah teaches on the relational-developmental approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld. Last year’s presentation was very popular – mark your calendars! 

    Admission is by donation ($5 recommended) and childminding is available for children ages 3 and up. Please RSVP if you require childcare to

  • Absentee Notes

    It is very important that if your child has been absent from school that you send an absentee note to the school. Each year we are audited for our record keeping. Please ensure these notes are sent to school or email Mrs. Dlugan at  or fill out the form online under the parents tab. Click here to fill out an absentee note.

  • Criminal Record Check

    Some parents have been inquiring at the office about how to complete a Criminal Record Check. Please click here for instructions. Thank you.

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  • Parent Participation Program

    Thank you for your support!