Parent Participation Program

  • St. James & St. Ann’s School would not exist without the active participation of parents/caregivers. The involvement of parents/caregivers in all aspects of the school, ensures that operational and tuition costs are kept down and educational objectives, achievements, and experiences for our students are enhanced. Most importantly, parent participation makes enrolment at St. James & St. Ann’s School ‘a family commitment’. At St. James & St. Ann’s, we believe that education is very much a family responsibility. When parents show an active interest in participating, children notice.

  • Parent Participation Program

  • The Parent Participation Program is role and task-based; giving parents/caregivers the opportunity to choose a task group that best fits their skills, interests, talents and time. Parent participation is required of all registered families. We encourage all parents/caregivers to be actively involved and we provide support to all families in achieving their obligations. Not only is the Parent Participation Program essential to the operation of our school, it fosters community building and can be a rewarding experience for those involved.

    As active school community members, parents/caregivers are required to participate in a task group to meet the needs of our school. A minimum of 20 hours per annum is required from each family for fulfillment of the Parent Participation Program obligation. Completed hours are to be recorded by the parent/caregiver on a regular basis via the school website (under Parents tab) or through the OnVolunteers link.

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