• St. James and St. Ann’s Catholic School provides education for students in Kindergarten through Grade 7.

    Parents must submit both an application package and a registration package prior to admittance. Upon receipt and review of completed applications, and a family interview, registration packages will be made available to students who meet requirements.

    Late applications may be accepted if space is available and will be processed in due course.

  • Questions?

    We will be very happy to answer all your questions.

  • Admission Steps

    • 1. Application

      Student applications must include the documentation listed in the Application Forms section. Please read and familiarize yourselves with the admission guidelines and payment terms policy included with the application package.

    • 2. Family Interview

      Parents/Guardians and their child(ren) are required to meet with the Archbishop’s Representative and the Principal for an informational meeting. The meeting will be scheduled by the school office as applications are reviewed.

    • 3. Registration

      A Registration package will be distributed to applicants once applications have been approved. Please return completed registration forms and applicable fees to St. James and St. Ann’s School.

  • Application Forms (2024-2025)

  • Registration Fee

    There is a registration fee of $50 per family for new families, or existing families who register by the registration deadline.  

  • Student Fees

    Student fees include the activity fee used to cover any field trips, guest speakers or special projects; the emergency fee used to pay for the replacement of our earthquake supplies every five years as well as to purchase items that are needed to ensure the safety of your child if a seismic event occurred; as well as classroom fees which pay for school supplies as well as consumables used.   There is a fee of $24/student added to the tuition rate each month to cover these additional costs.

  • Additional Fees

    The $150 that is collected in Grade 7 goes towards their Outdoor Education Program. Additional fundraising is completed by the students to cover the costs of this program.

  • Tuition Rates (2024-2025)

    When your parish priest completes the Pastor’s Authorization Form as part of the application process to our school, he will indicate your level of participation in the parish. This “category” will determine the tuition you will pay. If you are non-Catholic you would pay the “Category 3” rate. Tuition is collected by direct debit. Please see the monthly tuition rates below:

  • Category 1 (Participating Parishioner)
    • One child
    • 2 children
    • 3 or more
  • Category 2 (Parishioner)
    • One child
    • 2 children
    • 3 or more
  • Category 3 (Non-Catholic)
    • One child
    • 2 children
    • 3 or more