Thunder News Flash – November 7, 2020

November 06, 2020
  • Remembrance Day

    On Wednesday, November 11th we celebrate Remembrance Day.  Like other holidays it is a day to be away from school and work, and spend time with our family.  But it is also a day when we should take some time to think about all of the gifts that we have, like peace and freedom, because others gave so much.  This year in the midst of a pandemic it seems like we have lost some of our basic freedoms, but maybe this will help us think about Remembrance Day a little bit differently this year.  Instead of grumbling that we can’t travel right now, we can remember that the world’s borders were opened up because brave men and women fought to make this happen.  Rather than be upset that we can’t visit with large groups of friends and family, we can enjoy the family we do have with us, unlike many families who lost loved ones to war.  And finally, instead of letting little things bother us and cause disagreements, let the peace the veterans fought for flow through our homes, into our workplaces, and throughout our communities.  At 11:00am on November 11th, please stop what you are doing and take a moment in silence to remember. 

    We thank the veterans for everything that they did for us, and continue to do for us today.

  • Parent Participation Hours

    Just a reminder to please enter your Parent Participation hours through the website portal.  These recorded hours tell us how many hours of Parent Participation each family has completed.  You can enter your hours by scrolling to the bottom of this News Flash, or by going to the Parent Participation page on the school’s website by clicking here.  If you do not know your username or password, please contact the School Office by clicking here.

  • Employment Opportunity

    St. James & St. Ann’s School is seeking to hire someone who loves working with children to join our Thunder Club staff.  We are specifically looking for someone to fill the after school shift, Monday to Friday, from 2:30pm – 5:30pm.  This is a paid position, and a great opportunity to work part-time.  Are you interested in this position, 18 years of age or older, and do you have the following qualifications:

    • experience working with children or supervising children
    • good organizational skills
    • the ability to manage a group of children
    • good communication skills when dealing with both children and adults
    • good problem-solving skills, and 
    • first aid training

    The successful candidate would have to complete a Criminal Record Check through our Superintendent’s Office, and would be provided with training in all of the school’s health and safety protocols.  For more information, please contact the school at 604-852-1788, or submit your questions or resume by clicking here.  

  • Pro-D Days in November

    Just a reminder that Friday, November 20th is a Professional Development Day.  Please note that there is no school for the students on this day. 

  • Work Bee - November 14th

    Our next Work Bee will take place at the school on Saturday, November 14th from 9:00am – 2:00pm.  If you are able to, please bring rakes, gloves for inside or outside work, and a gas or cordless blower.  Also, just a reminder that parents should not bring children to the Work Bee, and family members must be at least 16 years of age for the hours to count towards Parent Participation.  We appreciate all your hard work!

  • Fundraisers: What are we raising money for?

    Fundraising is an essential part of every Catholic school’s budget in an effort to keep tuition at an affordable level for all families.  In addition, fundraising enables St. James and St. Ann’s to complete projects and purchase items that are needed and benefit all students.  The Parent Fundraising Association (PFA) of St. James and St. Ann’s School has been at work to replace some of our traditional in-person fundraising events, which have been cancelled due to concerns about COVID-19 transmission.  Check out our next Fundraiser:

  • Shopfunds Gift Cards

    Our next fundraising program launched on Monday, November 2, 2020, and we believe it will truly be a WIN-WIN fundraiser.  You will not be “out of pocket” in any way, and the school will still make 3-10% on your everyday grocery, household and Christmas purchases.

    • Buy a $25 gift card and get a $25 gift card for the retailer of your choice (other denominations available)
    • Many different participating retailers:  grocery stores, entertainment options, gas stations and so many more!
    • For each gift card purchased, retailers offer a 3-10% kickback to our school
    • Many ways you can use gift cards:  purchase them to use at your favourite grocery store, purchase them for the retailers you plan to buy Christmas gifts from or use them as your gifts!

    A paper copy of the order form came home on Monday, November 2nd, and a digital copy was sent home by email on Wednesday, November 4th.  Please help support our school!

  • Daily Health Check

    Just a reminder that parents are asked to complete a Daily Health Check of their children each morning before they come to school.  Please assess your child for the following symptoms:

    • Fever
    • Chills
    • Cough or worsening of chronic cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Loss of sense of smell or taste
    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea and vomiting

    If your child has one of those symptoms, excluding fever, they should stay home for 24 hours from when the symptom started.  If the symptom improves, they may return to school when they feel well enough.  If the symptom persists or worsens, seek a health assessment.  If your child has two or more of the symptoms, or they have a fever, you should seek a health assessment for them.

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  • Sports
    There are no upcoming events at this time.
  • Parent Participation Program

    Thank you for your support!