Thunder News Flash – June 25, 2022

June 24, 2022
  • Being Health Aware

    As we move from Public Health Orders to being “Health Aware”, here are some important reminders:

    • complete a daily health check with your child – please click here to see the most up-to-date information regarding this
    • monitor your children regularly for symptoms of illness – if they are sick, they should stay home.  Please click here for information about testing for COVID-19
    • follow all of the provincial restrictions that are currently in place – please click here for the latest information
    • follow all of the travel guidelines put in place federally – please click here for the latest information
    • if you would like your child to wear a mask at school, please ensure they bring at least one mask with them to school each day
    • seek reputable sources of information about COVID-19, such as the BCCDC, including how to protect yourself, your family and your community, and what to do if you suspect you have the virus by clicking here
  • Staff Goodbyes

    Thank you so much to the school staff, students and parents for the beautiful farewell to retiring staff on Tuesday, June 21st.  It truly was a very special afternoon.

    There are a few other staff members who we will also be saying goodbye to at the end of the school year.  We wish all the best to Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Schulli, two wonderful Educational Assistants at our school, who will be leaving us.  We also say farewell to Mrs. de Fleuriot who will be going just down the hill to St. John Brebeuf for one day a week next year.  Finally, we are so excited for Mrs Di Palma and Mrs. Ni Lorcain as they leave our school to once again experience the joys of bringing new life into this world.  As their families grow we wish them health and happiness, and remind them that a full night’s sleep will one day be in their future again!

  • Meals for Moms

    If you are within 6 weeks of your due date and would like to register for our Meals for Moms program, please contact them by clicking here.  We will collect some basic information from you and then once your baby is born, you just let them know when you are ready for a little bit of extra help and they will arrange to get some meals to you.  This was initially intended for within Abbotsford through St. Ann’s Parish, but they have received generous offers to help as far out as Langley, so if you could use some help but are not in Abbotsford, please let them know and they will try to accommodate you as well.

  • Kids For Jesus

    Are you interested in having your child, ages 5 – 10, participate in Kids for Jesus?  This is a program where your children will experience and learn to share their faith and participate in activities such as colouring, crafts, prayer time, snacks and so much more.  K4J is a good way for children to interact with others of their own age as they gather in a faith based environment.  This program will take place beginning in September 2022 at St Ann’s Parish.  For more information or to get the registration form, please click here.

  • Summer Reading Club

    Once again the Fraser Valley Regional Library is excited to launch their Summer Reading Club.  This is a wonderful way to keep your children reading throughout the summer.  For more information and to find out how to register, please click here

  • Letter From The Ministry of Education and Child Care

    Please click here to read a letter from the Ministry of Education and Child Care.

  • Final June Events

    With only two school days left, here is some information to help you plan for the remainder of the school year:

    Rag & Bag Day – Monday, June 27th:

    Each student is asked to come to school on June 27th with a rag and a sturdy bag.  They will use the rag to wash down their desk and chair, and help to clean up their classroom.  The bag will be used to pack up and bring home all of their belongings, as the school year comes to a close the next day.

    Last Day of School – Tuesday, June 28th – dismissal at 11:30am:

    Tuesday, June 28th is the last day of school as the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end.  We will attend Mass as a school at St. James Church at 9:00am, and we invite parents to join us for this special celebration where we send off our Grade 7 students, ask our Grade 6 students to take over the leadership role at the school, and say goodbye to a number of staff members and families who are leaving the school.  After Mass we go back to the school to watch our yearend slide show, and parents are welcome to join us for this as well.   Then the students return to their classrooms to collect their final Progress Reports and say their goodbyes.  It is always a bittersweet day at school, but we look forward to the many adventures that are to come!

  • Special Weather Statement

    Environment Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement, saying it is expected to get quite hot over the weekend, and this will continue on Monday, before returning to some cooler and possibly wet weather on Tuesday.  Please remember to send your children to school on Monday with a water bottle, as well as dressed in their coolest uniform clothes.  If this is their Gym strip, that is fine.  As it is expected to be cooler on Tuesday, and we are attending Mass, please have your children dressed in their school uniform, although sweaters are not necessary.

  • Shopfunds Gift Card Fundraiser Pick Up

    Your orders for our Shopfunds Gift Cards were handed out in the pick up lanes on Tuesday this past week.  If you were not there to pick them up, please contact the office to make alternate arrangements.  An adult must be present for the pick up.  Thank you again for your support!

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  • Sports
  • Parent Participation Program

    Thank you for your support!