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    • Jan 20, 2019

      NO SCHOOL TOMORROW, Monday January 21st.  I will be praying for you and your families – that this additional day together is full of peace and joy.  If it is sunny I challenge you to go outside.  It is chilly, but very beautiful.  There are many beautiful walks and hikes in our area and it is good for both the body and the soul.

      Reminder – Wednesday is mass @ 9am.  Please join us to pray, if you are available.  We always love to see you and value this time to worship and pray with you.

      THANK YOU … from myself and Mrs. White for all the generous Christmas gifts and beautiful messages you sent us. We were overwhelmed by your generosity and your kindness.  It is a blessing to be a part of your children’s grade one journey.

      We don’t have scheduled parent meetings this term, but please know my door is always open. If you have any questions or concerns or if you would just like to come and look at your child’s work this term please know you are welcome.  Come in, take a look!  I am always happy to meet with you.

      Enjoy your evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet


      January 16th 2019

      Thank you for taking a moment to check in with our class webpage.   We had a great day of learning today.  At the end of the day we went to play outside together and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and to celebrate our friendship with one another.

      Today the Grade Seven class asked some students in our grade one class about awe and wonder.  They will be continuing this tomorrow also.  They will record their answers.  They are putting together a slide presentation for their class.  THIS WILL NOT BE POSTED ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA.  It is intended for a presentation in the Grade Seven class only.  If you DO NOT wish your child to participate in this activity please contact me directly and I will be sure they are not asked and that they do not participate.

      Few reminders …

      • Friday is our hip hop performance – Our class colour has been asked to wear purple.  This will be a school colour day.  Please have your child wear a purple shirt. YOU are ALL welcome to attend the performance on Friday afternoon.
      • Home reading books will be exchanged on Friday – please keep up that great reading.
      • Please continue to practise addition to 10 for speed and accuracy
      • I have resent all RAZ kids codes yesterday and walked the children through how to use this website.  Please contact me if you have any questions.
      • Hot lunch orders due Friday

      Lots of exciting learning is happening in our class right now.  We have begun an author study of Canadian author and illustrator, Jan Brett.  In science we are studying states of matter – solid, liquid, gases.  In math we are learning the concept of subtraction and in Social Studies we began a fun unit on mapping.  We are working on letter writing and journal writing in our Language Arts writing time.

      Today a reading group performed the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  They read with expressions, intonation and clarity.   I was so proud of them all.  Then I read the story of the Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett.  Then as a class we made a Venn diagram comparing the two stories.

      Every morning the students complete a review worksheet.  This sheet is intended to take 5 mins or less.  If your child has a star on their paper they are able to complete the work successfully and independently.  Please take a moment when you can to review those sheets (front pocket of the planner).  If your child is finding any of this review work challenging I will continue to support and teach them in class, but I would also request that you look over the sheet and practise with your child also.

      Thank you once again for all of your support and prayers.

      Enjoy your evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet

      January 6th, 2019

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family and made many beautiful memories.

      A few reminders …

      • please bring your gym strip back to school
      • please make sure you have your planner for tomorrow
      • home reading books will be exchanged on Friday

      During our last week of school we had a candy cane hunt.  We had a lot of fun searching for these yummy treats that decorated every corner of our classroom.  After our hunt we talk about the meaning of the candy cane and the many things it represents (Jesus, Shepherd’s staff, heart/love etc.).  We also talked about finding and looking for the candy canes and how some of the sweet treats were obvious and how some we had to really search for.  We then spoke about God’s blessings.  Some blessings are obvious and easy to find and some we have to look a little harder for.  God is continually blessing us and pouring out His love upon us.  May we draw closer to Jesus, our Lord and Saviour in 2019.  May we seek Him with eager hearts.  May we invite others to share God’s love and blessings.  We will continue to search for God’s blessings this year in Grade One.  Please continue to pray for our class.  My continued prayers for your families.


      Mrs. Gaudet


      December 18, 2018

      It’s show week!!!  We will be performing our musical for our Grandparents tea tomorrow.  All students are to wear nice casual clothing and bring winter accessories (winter jacket, mittens, hat etc.).  We are to be dressed as carollers.  Please try to have all clothes labelled.  Thank you!  This applies to Thursday also as we will perform an afternoon show.

      On Thursday evening your child will need to arrive at the school at 6:30.  Thank you!

      Rest well,

      Mrs. Gaudet


      December 13th 2018

      Field Trip tomorrow – bring a booster seat, snack and lunch, wear uniform – Beauty and the Beast

      Home Reading books will go home tomorrow.  Please read them over the next week.

      Winter clothes for Christmas concert should be here in a labelled bag – our Christmas concert is next week.  We are ready to perform for all of our parents.

      Well we (the Grade One class)  have officially been hit with the flu.  Please be assured of my prayers for your children and your families.  I pray you all get well quickly and that despite the illness you have some beautiful quiet moments together. Rest well.

      Hope to see you all tomorrow!

      Mrs. Gaudet

      December 12, 2018

      This week in advent are candle represents peace.  Peace … we will talk with the students this week about ways to create peace in our homes and in our hearts as we prepare for the birth of Jesus.

      Thank you, parents for coming to our Parent/Teacher interviews.  It was lovely to see you and to have some time to talk about your children.  Thank you for working with us to help your child have a successful year in Grade One.  I can’t wait to see all the great things they learn in our second term.

      Reminders – tomorrow is Thunderwear Thursday.  Yes!  I know it’s Wednesday, but they have changed this to accommodate our school field trips that will take place over the next couple of days.

      FRIDAY – field trip – please remember to have your child bring their booster seat.

      Friday – We will exchange all home reading books – Keep up the great reading.

      Have a peaceful evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet


      December 6th, 2018

      Happy Feast Day of St. Nicholas!!  Today we started our morning by finding that St. Nicholas had left us chocolate coins, a candy cane and a St. Nicholas chocolate in our shoes.  The children were so excited.  We talked about the significance of these treats and what made St. Nicholas so special.  We had a sharing of a German tradition, by Dominic and we had a class visit from St. Nicholas also.

      St. Nicholas pray for us and help us be generous to those in need this Christmas season, and always.

      Few Reminders:

      • Report cards go home tomorrow
      • Tuesday, December 11 – No school – Parent/ Teacher Interviews 1pm – 8pm.  See you there!
      • Posters due Dec. 12 at the latest.  Participation in this is optional although I would suggest you consider it as the children have beautiful, creative ways of portraying the gift of Jesus at Christmas!
      • Parent notice was send home in your child’s backpack er: letter writing.
      • WATER BOTTLES – Please send water bottles to school.  Water fountains are closed right now.

      Have a nice evening,

      Mrs. Gaudet


      December 4, 2018

      Happy advent!  and almost St. Nicholas’ Feast Day!! December is such a beautiful month.

      • MASS has been canceled tomorrow.
      • As you are aware many students are getting sick in our school.  If possible please send your child with a small water bottle.  They will be able to keep their water on the shelf above their hook or in their backpack.  I would discourage the use of the water fountain at this time. PLEASE remind your son/daughter about using soap.  I will have them wash their hands before all meals.
      • PLEASE make sure your child wears the appropriate clothing to go outside when the weather is cold.  It definitely is chilly outside now.
      • Knights of Columbus Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest has been handed out.  This is an optional activity.  If you wish your child to participate please have all posters returned to myself or Mrs. White no later than Dec. 12.  Thank you!
      • Gym strip – We only have a few classes left in PE.  I will have the children bring home all gym strip for the Christmas break unless it’s really filthy.  If you wish for it to come home before then please write a not in your child’s planner.
      • Home Reading will be exchanged on Friday – Keep up the great reading!
      • Reminder – Our class will be performing in the Christmas concert.  We will wear casual winter wear.

      Enjoy your evening!


      Mrs. Gaudet

      November 29, 2018

      December is around the corner and with it comes the beautiful season of Advent.  We made a class advent wreath today and we will make individual class wreaths tomorrow. Praying the season of advent is filled with an abundance of Peace, Love, Hope and Joy as you awake the coming of Jesus.


      • Home Reading books due tomorrow – Please try to keep reading the books for the duration of the week.  It is really important that the students whom are beginning to read that each book is read every night for the week.  This will improve their fluency and help them acquire sight words.
      • Hot lunch orders due tomorrow
      • Notices in pocket of planner – December calendar, wordlist, etc.
      • Please remember to sign your child’s planner this let’s me know you have read the planner.  I check them every day.
      • Mass – Wednesday, December 5th @ 9am.  Please remember to have your child wear their sweater.
      • We have begun addition.  Please practise math facts to 10 when you can to help your child develop quick recall

      Have a lovely evening,

      Mrs. Gaudet

      Nov. 23, 2018

      Today I found some parent e-mails in my spam folder.  My apologies to those parents who have tried to contact me and didn’t get a response.  I was not aware this was happening.  I will do my best to rectify this problem. Thank you for your understanding.

      It is hard to believe that December is almost here.  I look forward to sharing the beautiful season of advent with your children.  We have prepared some creative and prayerful ideas to share with your child during this advent season.  So beautiful is a season that helps us anticipate the birth of Jesus.

      Notices will come home this week.  December word lists, calendar, field trip, etc.  Please look for those on Wednesday.  Our Christmas musical is quickly approaching.  Our Grade will be asked to wear casual wear and winter wear (mittens, scarf, winter boots and jackets).

      Thank you again for all the reading you are doing together at home.  It is making a huge difference.  We have many readers in the class and it’s so exciting to see all they are learning.

      Enjoy your weekend! Blessings to you all!

      Mrs. Gaudet

      Nov. 14th, 2018

      Please return Home Reading books on Friday.  Please continue to have your child read with you daily.  This extra practise is making a difference.  Please keep practising the sight words.

      Mass is Nov. 21, 2018 @ 9am.  We welcome you to join us.  Praying together as a community is a special blessing and the children always love to see their parents.

      Reminder Nov. 23 is a PRO D day – No School for students.

      Have a lovely evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Nov. 6, 2018

      TOMORROW IS AN EARLY DISMISSAL – 12:55.  Reminder – we have no school on Friday Nov. 9 and Monday Nov. 12th.

      Tomorrow we will have our Remembrance Day Assembly at 12:15.

      When asked the question – What can we do to promote world peace?  St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta replied “Go home and love your family.”  Tomorrow we will be writing a pledge,  This is one promise we will try to live out in the month of November that will promote love and peace in our families. Please ask your child about their promise.  Please encourage them as they try to live out this promise each day.

      Please continue to read with your child each night. The more you read the more you grow … Your encouragement and commitment to this time of reading is so important.   I will be sending home flashcards next week to help support your child with learning their dolch words.

      Keeping your families in my prayers!  Have a peaceful night.


      Tara Gaudet

      Nov. 1, 2018

      Happy All Saints Day!  Who is your favourite Saint?  Please take a moment this evening to share about your favourite Saint with your son or daughter.  The Saints have beautiful life stories that help us as we journey in holiness towards heaven.  We are listening to and learning about the lives of Saints in our class and throughout the year, but especially during the month of November. May the Saints in Heaven pray for us.

      • please bring in all home reading books tomorrow so I can exchange them.  I pray you had a great time with these new books.  Thank you so much for supporting our reading program.
      • The November word list will come home tomorrow.  We will be concentrating on the vowel ‘i’.  Flip books will come home through the month to assist you in practising.  Please review these books.
      • Tomorrow is All Souls Day.  We will be going to the church in the morning to pray for all those that have died.  If there is a family member you wish us to pray for please remind your son/daughter or have them put it on a paper so we can bring it with us.
      • The November calendar was sent home at the beginning of this week.  A reminder that there are always extras pinned outside the door just in case your calendar didn’t make it home!

      May you have a cozy evening!


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Oct. 28, 2018

      Tomorrow is our trip to the pumpkin patch.  Please remember to wear your uniform, boots, jacket and to bring your lunch and a plastic LABELLED bag for your pumpkin.

      TUESDAY – we will carve our pumpkins with our buddies.  If you have any carving tools please send them to school LABELLED.

      Home reading has begun for all those children whose parent’s signed up.  If you have not signed up please look in the folder of your child’s planner for the home reading notice.   Please return the books this Friday for new books.

      Have a wonderful evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet

      October 24th, 2018

      • Movie Night is this Friday October 26th
      • Gym strip will go home tomorrow for washing. Please return all gym strip for Monday.
      • Please continue to read the October word list.  I will have all students read to me the ‘word family’ words next week and will send home a new list.
      • Reading Books will go home this week for all students who signed up.
      • Monday October 29th – Field Trip to Maan Farms
      • October 31st – Halloween – students will be able to wear costumes and the students council will have some fun activities for the day

      It seems that some e-mails have not been reaching me via the school web form page.  If you wish to be in touch with me I can be reached at

      Have a lovely evening,

      Mrs. Gaudet

      October 17th, 2018


      Photo Retakes tomorrow … PLEASE write a note in the planner if you wish your child to have retakes.  Thank you!

      Reminder NO SCHOOL FRIDAY.

      Today in our class we walked through an Earthquake drill.  We talked about the benefits of practising.  There will be a school drill this week sometime.

      Please continue to read the ‘flip’ books and word list words with your children daily.

      Today we built a sentence outside.  We enjoyed the sunshine.  We celebrated what we were good at and we created a great sentence using 5 rocks.  Ask your child what they wrote on each rock.  ( I am good at ____.  – Just in case they forgot!).  We practised tracking print as we read over and over what we are good at!

      Please send a baptism photo or a photo copy of a baptism photo.  Thank you!

      Have a lovely evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet

      October 15th, 2018

      Thank you so much for being so generous with your donations of food for the migrant workers.  Caring for those in need is our faith in action. The children were so proud of our contributions!  Thank you!

      Reminder — there is NO SCHOOL on Friday.

      • Wednesday morning we will be saying a living Rosary together as a school.
      • HOME READING will begin next week.
      • Lego forms went home today and need to be returned Wednesday morning to the office.

      Praying for you and your families always!

      Have a peaceful evening.

      Mrs. Gaudet

      October 10, 2018

      • Thunder wear orders (optional) due Friday.
      • Field trip notice handed out today.  Please sign and return.
      • Please practise the new reading book that went home today.  The children should track with their finger each word that they read.

      Have a lovely evening!

      Mrs. Gaudet

      October 9th, 2018

      Happy Thanksgiving to you all and welcome back.  I pray you had a lovely weekend with your families.

      Few reminder …

      • Tomorrow is an early dismissal day.  Our school day ends at 12:55.
      • We are collecting food for the migrant workers.  We will be collecting food till Friday. Please give if you can.
      • We have begun our Special helpers.    Today went very well. Your child is welcome to bring an item to share with the class on his/her day.
      • Today we went to the church to learn about baptism.  We will continue learning about this beautiful sacrament all week.   If you are able to send a photo or a copy of a baptismal photo of your child we would love to have your child share that with the class and will display these with their self portraits.
      • We will begin our reading groups next week and will begin our Home Reading program shortly after.
      • Field trip from is coming home tomorrow.

      Thank you for reading with your child.  Please continue to share a variety of stories and practise those flip books!


      Mrs. Gaudet

      October 2, 2018

      Few updates …

      • ‘ad’ flip books came home today.  Please have your child read this book to you each night this week. If it is easy than please have them spell the words to you.
      • Hot lunch orders due this Friday
      • Please send an apple to school on FRIDAY with your child.  We will be making a Thanksgiving activity.
      • Tomorrow – MASS @ 9:00 am – We welcome everyone to join us for mass.  Please remember to wear your sweater.
      • Gym strip – There are a number of children without gym strip. Please send asap.  Thank you!

      Enjoy your evening!


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Sept. 26th, 2018

      Today we had Hymn Sing.  We are ready to fill the church with our voices.  Our next school mass will be Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, 2018 @ 9am.  We hope you can join us.  We love seeing you there and we appreciate you taking time to pray with us.

      We had a fire drill walk through today.

      Hot lunch order forms were handed out today.

      I have a number of sweaters collected … please make sure you have all your sweaters.

      Please have your child read their mini book to you (The Zoo – I see the ______.)  Please make sure they point to each word as they read.  Please also review the ‘at’ family book.

      Coming up …

      • Home reading program will begin in mid. Oct.
      • Practise words will also come home in their book bags.
      • Special helper day will begin after Thanksgiving long weekend.  A calendar with all the info will come home with your child next week.
      • Permission forms for Pumpkin Patch will be handed out in October.

      Have a lovely evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Sept. 21st, 2018

      Our beautiful sunflowers are up brightening up our hallway.  We are excited about how well they turned out. Just like us they are so beautiful, unique and bold.

      Uniforms – Special request … when you are doing laundry this weekend could you please double check to make sure your child has brought home only clothing that belongs to him/her.  Changing for gym class and/or cross country is new this year and some of the children are accidentally grabbing the wrong clothing.  Thank you in advance for you help with making sure our uniforms are with their correct owners!  AGAIN — please label your clothing. I have 8 sweaters in my class with NO NAMES.

      Please continue to read to your child.  It looks like it will be a perfect, cozy weekend for some book time.  Every time you share a book together you child has the opportunity to acquire more language that they may later use when writing their own stories.

      Enjoy your weekend,


      Tara Gaudet


      Sept. 18th, 2018

      Today was a beautiful, sunny day and we seized the opportunity to enjoy it.  We spent the morning learning outdoors. We studied our Christian Education lesson, as well as our science lesson in the sun.  Today we looked around at the beauty God created … nature, the changing seasons and us.  We looked for signs of God’s love and beauty.  We observed bright colours, sounds and a variety of textures that make creation so beautiful and interesting. We spend some time on the playground together … thanking God for the gift of ourselves and of friendship. God is indeed so good to us and He has created beautiful things to remind us of His love for us.

      IMPORTANT — Sweaters in our class Lost and Found.  I have over 10 lost sweaters in our class with no owners.  I know they belong to someone in our class, but I can’t find any names.  If your child is missing any clothing please come Thursday or Friday morning before school to claim it.  Thank you!

      PLEASE hand in all emergency tags and earthquake kits by tomorrow.  There are still some missing.

      Please continue to read with your child each night. Reading to your children enhances their vocabulary which they will later use in their story writing.  It is also a lovely way to begin to create a love of literature.

      Today someone brought in a huge sunflower.  We observed and studied its intricate design.  Please ask your son/daughter about it.  We have also created sunflower art which will be displayed Friday outside our classroom.

      Tomorrow is our hymn sing.  We will be practising our songs for mass and will be talking about our theme “What do you want of me, Lord?”

      Enjoy this beautiful evening!


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Sept. 17, 2018

      TOMORROW is FUN NIGHT!  This is a great evening of fun.  I look forward to seeing you there.

      IMPORTANT — please ensure all earthquake kits, and tags are in tomorrow.  The bins will be getting backed up and put away.  The kits are created to comfort your child should an earthquake occur.  They will be returned at the end of the school year.

      • Please send an art smock to school
      • Thank you for continuing to check and sign the planners.  I appreciate your cooperation.

      Please be assured of our prayers and please continue to pray for us.  We have had a great start to the year and I look forward to many more days of faith-filled learning with your children.


      Tara Gaudet

      Sept.  11, 2018


      We have had to make a change to our field trip.  The Apple Barn was unable to accommodate our previous booking, so we have made a change.  We are now going to Maan Farms on Oct. 29th from 11- 2.  Field trip notices will go out next month.

      Today we made our first book ‘Me’.  The children were so excited to read today.  Please take a moment to let them read to you.  Please have them point to the words they are reading. We also practised our printing and letter sounds of the letter Mm.

      • Emergency tags due
      • Earthquake kits due
      • Art smocks due

      Thank you to everyone for your contribution to our Fun Night basket.  We appreciate your generosity.

      Have a lovely evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet


      Sept. 9, 2018

      PICTURE DAY tomorrow – Please wear full uniform and put on your best smile!

      • FUN NIGHT – please bring in your contribution for our basket – FUN with SCIENCE
      • Fun night is this Friday – I look forward to seeing you all there
      • earthquake comfort kits due this Friday at the latest
      • emergency tags due
      • please bring in an old shirt for art – We will be painting this week!
      • Cross Country begins tomorrow.

      I pray you had a lovely weekend with your families.  May God bless you with a restful night!


      Mrs. Gaudet


      September 6, 2018

      Thank you to all of you who were able to make it to our Meet the Teacher evening yesterday. It was a pleasure to see you.  For those who were unable to attend I have sent home all handouts with your child today.  Please be in touch if you do not receive the handouts.

      A few reminders …

      • earthquake kits due asap
      • emergency tags due
      • Picture Day is Monday – please have your child in full uniform (sweater too)
      • FUN NIGHT – next Friday!  Please send in your contribution for our basket.    This is a fun night and I look forward to seeing you there!
      • Cross Country notices have been sent home – if you wish your child to participate please sign and return the green from by Friday

      MASS LEGO – Some parents were inquiring as to where you could buy mass lego.  They have some in stock at Holy Family Bookstore in Langley or on line at (US)

      Have a wonderful evening.

      Mrs. Gaudet


      September 1st, 2018,

      We are looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.  I’m sure you have all grown so much.  We pray you had a great summer and that you are ready for the wonderful year God has waiting for us.  We look forward to teaching you this year … We are VERY excited!!

      Reminder to parents … Meet the teacher is Wednesday evening.  Also there will be notices coming home on Tuesday for picture day, and emergency kits and tags so PLEASE keep your eyes open for this notices.

      Praying for you all,

      Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. White

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