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    • February, 9th, 2020

      God is love … love one another as I have loved you.   You are loved!  You are special!  These are just a few of the beautiful phrases your children will be echoing this month.

      Few reminders

      • Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020. Students are welcome to bring in Valentine’s cards for their friends.  I will send a class list home tomorrow.
      • Home reading books due tomorrow for exchange.  Our reading goal for this time of the year is level 10.  (16 is the goal for the end of the year)
      • Library tomorrow – please return all books
      • Reminder – NO SCHOOL on THUR. FEB. 13, FRI. FEB 14 or MON. FEB. 17th.  Praying you enjoy a beautiful long weekend with your families.
      • For those parents inquiring about lego club – the Grade One session will be after Spring break.  I will be sure to let you know.


      Tara Gaudet


      January 21, 2020


      • Home Reading – please keep up that home reading.
      • Special Helper and snow days – We will be continuing with the January calendar as is.  Those students who missed their turn due to the snow days will be slotted into February’s calendar.
      • We are finishing blending and beginning vowel teams.  Our vowel team this week was ‘ow’ as in snow.  Your child should be able to read and write all the words in the flip book brought home yesterday.  Please practice when you can.
      • An addition math booklet will come home tomorrow for any students who wish to have extra practice.  When they are completed please return them to school.  Have your child work through it as it fits your schedule.

      Have a wonderful evening.


      Mrs. Gaudet

      January 16th, 2020

      Happy Snow Week everyone!  What a beautiful gift to be home with our families and to have time to step out of the busy.  I pray you have all had a peaceful week and that God has kept you all safe.  I can’t wait to hear all about your snow adventures!

      Few reminders for the coming week …

      • PLEASE return your Home Reading Books MONDAY.  I am excited to give you new books to read and I’m sure you are ready for some new books also.
      • Hot Lunch orders DUE MONDAY
      • There will be school on Fri.  Jan 24 this week.
      • Please continue to read daily and to practice your addition facts.
      • Practice spelling short vowel words with blends ie snap, brick, spin, plan etc.

      Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.  Blessings and have a safe and cozy weekend.

      Mrs. Gaudet


      January 9,2020

      Today in science we learned the 3 states of matter – solid, liquid, and gas. We used a pop bottle – the solid, the liquid inside – pop and a balloon over the mouth of the bottle to watch how the gases in the pop blew up the balloon. The students then recorded their observation.

      Read tonight for 10 minutes.

      January, 8th, 2020

      Today we used the ipads in our class.  I taught the children how to log into Raz Kids.  Today your child should have brought home a notice with their log in for the program.  Using this program at home is optional.  It is secondary to our Home Reading program.   I have registered each child’s reading level.   Should you chose to use this additional practice reading program, please ensure that your child is still reading with you each night.

      • Home reading
      • Practice math facts to 10 for speed and accuracy

      Praying you enjoy a cozy evening.


      Mrs. Gaudet


      January 6, 2020

      Happy New Year!  Happy Epiphany!  We pray you had a beautiful Christmas with your family.  We would like to thank you so much for your generous gifts and Christmas wishes.  We were so very blessed by your thoughtfulness.


      • Home Reading Book exchange on Monday
      • Early dismissal Wednesday – 12:55
      • January calendars have been sent home
      • Please continue to read ever night and practice math facts to 10 for speed and accuracy
      • We have been spelling CVC words (cat, bin, pen etc) and have worked on Diagraph sounds (ch, th, wh, ph, sh), and are now working through blends (sl, gl sn, sp etc).  When time permits please say a few words and have your child spell them.
      • Next week is Hip Hop.  There will be a performance on the Friday afternoon.  I will update with the time as soon as it has been determined.

      Have a cozy and peaceful night.


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Thursday, December 19, 2019

      TONIGHT in our CHRISTMAS CONCERT – Please wear costume and meet in the classroom no later than 6:30pm.  The concert will begin at 7pm.

      Thank you everyone for your prayers, Christmas wishes, thoughtful cards and Christmas gifts.

      Many blessings to you and your families!

      Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. Wakely

      Tuesday, December 17, 2019

      WEAR costumes to school tomorrow and Thursday for the afternoon Christmas concerts (dark bottoms/light tops).

      Friday – PJ Day

      Joy – Joy – Joy – such a small word with such great expectation.

      Dear, Jesus,  help us find joy in the everyday ways that you bless us.

      Praying for you this advent,


      Mrs. Gaudet


      Monday, December 5, 2019

      2nd Week of Advent – PEACE (purple Candle)

      Dear Jesus, you entered our world on Christmas as the Prince of Peace. This Advent, as we strive to become the-best-version-of-ourselves, fill us with a deep and abiding peace. Help us share that peace with everyone we encounter, especially those who need it most. Amen. (from Dynamic Catholic)


      • Read New Home Reading Books
      • Please send in the outfits for the musical so that we can ensure that everyone has what they need.  Christmas musical outfits for Grade Ones will be – dark bottoms, light coloured top (solid colour) – we will provide accessories to turn them into angels
      • Please sign and return the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Permission so your child may submit their entry to the contest.  All the students have created a poster while at school that they can submit. This is a wonderful contest hosted by the Knights of Columbus.

      The second week of advent is upon us.  Praying your homes are blessed with PEACE.


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Tuesday, December 4, 2019

      Thank you so much to all the parents who came to help us make our advent wreaths.  They all turned out so beautifully.  Thank you to Mr. Rauch who generously donated the bases for our advent wreaths and for Mrs. Lochhead who brought in some greenery.  We are such a blessed school.  Please continue to keep our school community in our prayers this Advent season.

      The beautiful season of Advent is upon us.  This week we light our purple candle and reflect on the gift of HOPE. The prayer below is from Dynamic Catholic.  A great resource to use with our families during Advent.

      Dear Jesus,  You are the hope in our world,  This Advent help us slow down, listen to your voice, and focus on what’s really important.  We place our hope in you as we prepare our hearts to celebrate your birth on Christmas, Amen.

      Reminders –

      • a notice will go home tomorrow re: a poster contest called Keep Christ in Christmas.  We would love for all the students to participate in this contest.  Please sign the notice and return it NO later than Monday.  Thank you!
      • We are reading and writing all CVC words (cat, not, pin etc) Please practice these at home.
      • Please practice addition facts to 10

      Praying for you all this Advent season,


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Nov. 28, 2019

      In the student planner you will find Advent activities and prayers to use with your families. With the beautiful Advent Wreaths families made on Wednesday these ideas for this special season.

      Today in Science we were outside looking for and at natural and artificial sources of light. Since the sun was at the right directions we make shadow figures on the field and then played shadow tag.

      With Mrs. Dos Santos, the students looked at their talents and wrote and drew about their talent.


      Nov 26th, 2019

      Thank you to everyone who has made room in their schedule to come make advent wreaths tomorrow.  We are so excited to have you come to our class.  If there are any families with extra greenery that they would like to bring for tomorrow we would gratefully accept any extra branches you could bring.  I do have holly and some evergreen.

      Tonight please pray for our families and school community as we all prepare for the beautiful season of advent.

      Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Nov. 23, 2019

      Something exciting … and last minute!  We are excited to let you know that on Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 2019  @ 1:30 we will be making advent wreaths.  We would like to invite our parents to join us.  A notice with more details will be in your child’s planner pocket on Monday.


      • Home reading books due Monday
      • Christmas musical outfits for Grade Ones will be – dark bottoms, light coloured top – we will provide accessories to turn them into angels
      • Please continue to practice sight words and reading daily

      May you have a wonderful weekend together with your families.


      Mrs. Gaudet



      Nov. 21, 2019

      We planted the bulbs today and are looking forward to the many colours coming up in the Spring.

      Book bags are due back on Monday.

      See below what is required of the Grade Ones for the Christmas musical.

      No school tomorrow – wishing you all a wonderful and quiet weekend.


      Nov. 20, 2019

      Today we went outside in the afternoon and did a little bit of gardening.  We are preparing the soil for planting bulbs. We look forward to the beautiful colours the flowers will welcome us with in the spring.

      • Christmas musical outfits for Grade Ones will be – dark bottoms, light coloured top – we will provide accessories to turn them into angels
      • Please continue to have your child read to you daily their home reading books and sight words

      We are working on addition in math.  When time permits please review addition facts.

      We are quickly approaching the beautiful season of advent.   We have begun to talk about the blessings of this season and the ways to prepare.  May God bless your families this evening with peace.

      Mrs. Gaudet

      Nov. 18th, 2019

      My apologies parents I forgot to send home the new home reading books today.  I got carried away at lunch working on the music for the Christmas musical.  Thank you in advance for granting me grace.  I promise to have those books in the backpacks tomorrow.  Keep up that great reading.  I’m so proud of how well the students are doing thus far.


      • no school Friday
      • hot lunch tomorrow for those who ordered
      • Christmas musical outfits for Grade Ones will be – dark bottoms, light coloured top – we will provide accessories to turn them into angels

      Praying for you all.  Please continue to keep our school community, staff, students,  and families in your prayers.  May you have a peaceful evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet


      Nov. 4, 2019

      Reminders …

      • bring in halloween candy for night shift
      • read new home reading books and practice November words (Home reading books are exchanged every Monday)
      • Wednesday – early dismissal
      • Thursday – 3 way conferences – please come at the time you signed up for with your child.  (No school)
      • Friday – No school

      Enjoy the beautiful fall sunshine!


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Oct. 28, 2019

      Today we wrote in our journals.  We sounded out words and used sight words to write about what we did on our weekend.


      • Hot lunch orders forms come home tomorrow
      • Please continue to practice printing and reading
      • Home reading books come home Wednesday
      • Mass Friday 9am – All Saint Day – We hope you can join us.  Students are encouraged to dress as their favourite Saint
      • Tomorrow is hot lunch for those who ordered something


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Oct. 21, 2019

      Wow!  What a wet day.  We had so much fun outside.  We collected leaves and enjoyed the fresh air.  Please make sure your child has boots and a waterproof jacket for playing outside.  No umbrellas please.  If you would like to send muddy buddies I will make sure your child has adequate time to put them on. Also it may be a good idea to send an extra pair of socks for those days when we may misjudge how deep a puddle really is!

      Please send a plastic bag tomorrow, or a reusable bag labelled.  We will need these to carry our pumpkins back from the pumpkin patch on Wednesday.

      Thank you for your generosity.  It is so wonderful to see how many families have sent food for the migrant workers.  We will continue to collect food this week if you are still wishing to donate.

      Please continue to practice reading and blending words.

      Stay cozy and have a peaceful night!


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Oct. 20, 2019

      Reminder – Please bring all the leaves that you have collected for our art project tomorrow.

      Wednesday, Oct –  23 @ 8:30 – 12:00 Maan Farm Pumpkin Patch – Please ensure your child is wearing boots and has a jacket.  We pray it will be sunny, but we also know that with all the rain we have had lately it is bound to be muddy!

      Friday Oct. 25, 2019 – NO SCHOOL


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Oct. 15, 2019

      Next week is our trip to Maan Farms.   Thank you to the many parents who offered to accompany us on our field trip.  I had to draw your names from a hat!!  The lucky parents who will travel on the bus have been sent an email.  If you are not on the bus you are still welcome to join us.   See you at Maan Farms – Oct. 23, 2019!

      Reminders …

      • Fall is here and so is the cooler weather … PLEASE ensure your child has a warm jacket.  We love to have the children outside playing and exploring.
      • Read all ‘at’ ‘ag’ ‘an’ family books.
      • Continue to practise sight words
      • Practice counting to 20
      • bring fall leaves to school on Monday (art project)
      • MOVIE night is this Friday.  Hope you can join the fun!

      Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you had many blessings with your families.

      Please keep our Grade One kids in your prayers.  We pray for our families every morning.  A reminder that tomorrow is Father Ashley’s 70th birthday.  Please remember to pray for him tomorrow.

      Have a lovely evening,

      Mrs.  Gaudet

      October 10, 2017

      Letter Nn went home today. Please complete the sheet for practice.

      Continue to practice the word list.

      October 7th, 2019

      Reminders …

      • Early dismissal Wednesday October 9th (12:55)
      • Please send an apple on Wednesday (for a thanksgiving craft)
      • Please practise the word list daily
      • A calendar was sent home.  This calendar indicates which day is your child’s special helper day.  When your child is special helper for the day they are the leader for our class calendar, prayer, line ups etc.  This is also their show and tell day.

      Today we went to mass together as a community.  It was such a beautiful way to start our week.  Today we honour Our Lady of the Rosary.  At mass today Father asked us to say a Hail Mary with our families.  So please take sometime this evening to pray a Hail Mary, a decade of the rosary or a family rosary as Father has suggested we do.


      Mrs. Gaudet

      October 3, 2019

      Field trip permission slip are due asap – extras are on the bulletin board outside classroom if needed.

      Printing sheet and how to hold a pencil correctly went home today – check pockets.

      October, 2, 2019

      Happy Feast Day of our Guardian Angels.  Today we talked about our guardian angel.  Such a beautiful gift that God would give us each our very own special angel.  Oh, how He loves us.  God is so good.

      Please look in your child’s planner for the following notices …

      • social contact list (for those that signed up)
      • permission form for field trip to Maan Farms – please sign and return asap.
      • word list to practise daily

      Have a lovely, cozy fall evening.

      Angel of God, our guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits us here.  Ever this day (night) be at our side to light, to guard, to rule and to guide. Amen!


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Sept. 30 2019

      Please practise reading numbers with your child tonight.  They should be able to read digits 1-10.  I also asked the children to play outside for homework.  Enjoy the beautiful fall day.   Look outside for signs of fall.

      Tomorrow look for notices in the planner pocket.

      Enjoy the beautiful sunshine.


      Mrs. Gaudet


      Sept. 26, 2019

      Today we spent time counting using different types of blocks making sure the 1 to 1 correspondence was happening. We added blocks on and took blocks away to find new numbers. Please count to 20 with you child at home. Have them count out different household materials using their finger to help with 1 to 1 correspondence.

      Our letter of the day was Dd. Find their sheet in their planner pocket tomorrow.

      Have a blessed evening.

      Sept. 23, 2019

      PLEASE send an art smock asap.  We have art class every Monday and we do use mediums that are not uniform friendly!  An old large t – shirt works great.  Thank you!

      Please continue to review the ‘at’ family flip book.  We will begin the ‘am’ family tomorrow.  Our sight word today – ‘the’.

      Please read a book to your child every night.

      Have a lovely, cozy evening!


      Mrs. Gaudet


      Sept. 18 2019

      Today your son/daughter should have brought home a sight word book ‘Me’ and an ‘at’ family flip book (in the pocket of their planner).  Please take some time this evening to have your child read the books to you.  When they read please have them point to each word they read.  Thank you for taking time to read with your child each night.

      PLEASE send an art smock ASAP.  An old t-shirt is perfect.  We have art ever Monday.  We will keep the smocks at school for the duration of the year. If they need washing I will take them all home and bring them all back.


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Sept. 16, 2019

      Reminders –

      • Early dismissal Wednesday 18th @ 12:55pm.
      • Tomorrow – Pizza hot lunch for those who preordered

      Today we practiced the letter Mm.  We learned sight words ‘I’ and ‘a’.   We went outside today and enjoyed some learning outside in the sunshine (in between the rain showers)!!!  The children used materials found outside to make two letters (a t).  We began sounding out and making ‘at’ family words.  So exciting to begin the journey of reading!

      Have a peaceful evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet


      Sept.12, 2019

      Fun night is Friday starting at 4:30.

      Earthquake kits and emergency tags due on Friday.

      Today’s letter was Aa.

      In Christian Education we worked in our books and read about how Jesus welcomed the children. In Math we made patterns and read them in many different ways. In science we are learning about the Fall season and coloured leaves the fall colours.

      Have a restful night.

      Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. Wakely

      Sept. 11, 2019

      Today was an exciting day.  We had the Earth Rangers come visit our school.  They spoke with us about caring for our common home.  They brought four animals with them.  Have fun talking about this visit with your child tonight.

      We have begun to review the letters of the alphabet.  Today we practised the letter Tt.    Please practise this letter at home tonight.  We are working on the letter name, sound and how to correctly print the letter.  Please make sure your child is starting the letter at the top and forming the letter correctly when they practise. We want to make sure we are reinforcing correctly letter formation always.  Each day you can expect a new letter until all the letters are reviewed.

      Reminders …

      • FUN NIGHT is only two sleeps away!!  Looking forward to seeing you all there on Friday.
      • Earthquake kits due this Friday
      • Emergency tags due this Friday

      Have a lovely evening with your families.


      Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. Wakely

      Sept. 10th, 2019


      • Tomorrow we have an assembly
      • Earthquake kits due  Friday
      • Emergency tags due Friday
      • FUN NIGHT this Friday.   This is always a very fun evening.  Please pray for sun!!!  Looking forward to seeing you there.

      Today we finished our placemats. The students will bring them home this week.  This placemat has can be used to support learning at home.

      We have learned a new song this week called Courageous by Cat Chat.  Please ask your child to share this song with you.  It reinforces the message of our school theme ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

      Have a wonderful evening,


      Mrs. Gaudet

      Sept. 9th, 2019

      PICTURE DAY TOMORROW!!!  Remember to wear your sweater and your SMILE!


      • Tomorrow – Hot lunch for those who ordered
      • Earthquake kits due  Friday
      • Emergency tags due Friday
      • FUN NIGHT this Friday.  Our science basket is looking amazing.  Thank you everyone for your generous donations.  Keep those donations coming in.

      On my way home through the sun and dark clouds a rainbow appeared … God always sends a rainbow with a promise.  I know this rainbow was a sign of a good year ahead of us.  I feel confident that His wisdom and love will be with our students and with us as teacher.  God is so good.   May God bless you this evening with a cozy, peaceful night.


      Mrs. Gaudet


      Sept. 6, 2019

      Look for the emergency tags in you child’s planner on Monday. Update the information if needed.

      Home Reading contracts – sign and send back asap.

      Fun Night and earthquake kits – ASAP.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

      Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. Wakely

      Sept. 5, 2019

      Tonight is meet the teacher.  We are excited to share with you all about Grade One!  We look forward to meeting you all.


      • hot lunch orders due tomorrow
      • earthquake kits due next Friiday
      • emergency tags due next Friday

      Have a peaceful night!

      Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. Wakely

      September 3rd, 2019,

      WELCOME BACK!  We had a lovely morning today with our new Grade One students.

      Reminders –

      • Picture day is September 10th.
      • Meet the teacher is this Thursday – We hope you can all make it and we look forward to meeting you all.
      • Emergency tags –  please make sure all information is correct and return to the classroom teacher
      • Emergency Earthquake kits – Once you have filled the bags with the requested items please return to the classroom teacher
      • Fun Night  – Friday, Sept 13th – We look forward to seeing you there.  Each class has been asked to make a basket to be raffled off.  The Grade One class’ theme basket is science.  Please bring a donation for our basket.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

      We have been praying for you all throughout the summer months and now we pray for our school year together.  May God be present to us in all we do.  May He watch over us this year and bless us with a wonderful year of learning.


      Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. Wakely

      September 1st, 2019,

      We are looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.  I’m sure you have all grown so much.  We pray you had a great summer and that you are ready for the wonderful year God has waiting for us. We look forward to teaching you this year … We are VERY excited!!

      Reminder to parents … Meet the teacher is Thursday evening.  Also there will be notices coming home on Tuesday for picture day, and emergency kits and tags so PLEASE keep your eyes open for this notices.

      Praying for you all,

      Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. Wakely

      • French


      To access the AIM portal go to :

      The user name is the students first name,  hyphen, last name – for example: finlay-stobbe

      The password is : French