Thunder News Flash – April 7, 2018

April 06, 2018
  • Care for Everyone in Our Common Home

    On Friday I had the privilege of listening to many of the student performances for our Intermediate Speech Arts Festival. There were times in which I was absolutely amazed by the talent of our students. It takes so much courage to speak in front of peers and I just really want to congratulate all of our students. So many of our students connected their speeches, their poems, or their stories to our Faith, which is so impressive. One speech in particular, by Patrik in Grade 7, inspired me to reexamine some of my own actions about a very important topic that clearly relates to our school theme of Care for Everyone in Our Common Home. 

    Patrik opened his speech by reflecting on a live-in experience he had at Christ the King Seminary. During that stay he noticed that at meal time no food is wasted. Patrik then lead us through various research statistics on the sheer volume of wasted food in our gluttonous developed world and how this is in stark contrast to the words of Pope Francis who said “Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry.” I think we are all aware of food wastage but sometimes we need to be jarred out of our stupor and I certainly was today. Patrik then reminded his audience that we do not tackle large scale problems like food wastage by adopting a hopeless mentality or by expecting someone else to fix it. Instead we are encouraged to become educated on the topic and to look for small meaningful ways to make changes in our eating habits. He provided examples such as eating our leftovers or not over cooking in the first place. 

    I want to thank Patrik for speaking to his classmates about such an important topic that is so deeply connected to our faith. I hope that we can all take a hard look at our daily food habits and make positive changes. 

  • Walkathon

    It’s Almost Here!!!!  Our school’s largest fundraiser is just 3 weeks away.  This year we aim to raise $25, 000.00 to grow a ‘St. James’ & St. Ann’s Legacy Fund’ for the purpose of supporting the “Furnishings and Fittings” of a new school building.  As we move towards building a new school there will be many needs that will arise and by raising money now we will be well prepared for the future! There is something noble about working for, and saving for something tangible, necessary and important, that generations of us can appreciate and enjoy.  There is pride in seeing something and being reminded that you, as an individual, were partly responsible for it’s existence… that you were part of the ‘Legacy’.

    Packages went home with your oldest child on Friday, and the Grade 7 class will be having a pep rally this coming week.

    We, as a PFA, would like to sincerely Thank YOU, St. James’ and St. Ann’s families, for your contribution to fundraising for our wonderful school….not the building, which we are now focusing towards, but for the sense of community that our children can rely on.  WE are that community, each and every one of us!

    Please click here for the 2018 Walkathon Pledge Sheet.

  • Beauty and the Beast Musical

    Our Beauty and the Beast JR Musical is fast approaching and you sense the excitement level in the staff and the students. This year our Grandparents Tea will be on April 18th starting at 11:45 am in the school gym. Grandparents in our community are invited to come for a light lunch served by our Grade 5 students and then stay for the musical which will start at 12:30pm.

    In order to ensure that we have adequate seating for the show we would like to ask that you reserve tickets in advance. The tickets are available by donation and all of the proceeds will go to support future musicals in our school. If you are unable to donate anything, please just let us know how many tickets you would like and come and enjoy the show. We are so proud of the hard work of our students and we want them performing to a ‘full house.’ Invite your aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, siblings and friends and help us showcase what an amazing community we have at St. James and St. Ann’s School. A letter went home this past week explaining the tickets. Please email the office at if you did not receive a copy. 

    Our evening performance is on April 19th. We are asking for your cooperation in reserving tickets through our office so that we know how many people we can anticipate. Doors open at 6:30pm and the performance will start at 7pm. Thank you for your support! 

  • Community Coffee

    New from Community Relations:
    We are happy to announce that we will be hosting “Community Coffee” once a month.
    Come join us this Friday, April 13th in the gym after school drop off from 8:30 – 9:30. 
    – all little ones are welcome
    How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity !                          
                 Psalm 133:1
  • Speech Arts

    Congratulations to all of our participants and especially those selected to represent our school at the SJB Speech Arts Festival on April 11, 2018. 

  • Gr. 2 Mini Retreat / Banner Night

    A reminder for parents of Gr. 2 children who are receiving their First Holy Communion that our annual Mini Retreat / Banner Night is on Wednesday April 11th at 6:30pm in our school gym. 

  • Absentee Notes

    It is very important that if your child has been absent from school that you send an absentee note to the school. Each year we are audited for our record keeping. Please ensure these notes are sent to school or email Mrs. Dlugan at  or fill out the form online under the parents tab. Click here to fill out an absentee note.

  • Criminal Record Check

    Some parents have been inquiring at the office about how to complete a Criminal Record Check. Please click here for instructions. Thank you.

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  • Sports
  • Parent Participation Program

    Thank you for your support!