Thunder News Flash – September 7, 2018

September 07, 2018
  • What do you want of me, Lord?

    The archdiocesan theme for the 2018-2019 school year is “What do you want of me, Lord?”  This theme asks us to examine our lives from many different perspectives.  We will be spending our school year unpacking this theme by examining the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.  God wants each of us to have faith in him and to express our faith.  He wants us to have hope for our world and the future, even when things can often look so bleak.  God also wants us to love our neighbours, even those neighbours who aren’t particularly lovable all the time.  Please join us at our next assembly on September 12th at 8:45am when we will begin the conversation about what it means to have faith.

  • Comfort Kits/Id. Tags

    As you are aware, the Comfort Kits that we ask you to put together, and the Identification Tags that we ask you to update, are an important part of our Emergency Planning at the school.  Please return both of these items to the school as soon as possible, and by September 14th at the latest.  The Comfort Kits will then be sorted into colour groups and moved to our shipping container, while the Identification Tags will be placed in the emergency backpack that is located in each classroom in the school.  We ask for your cooperation, as these items ensure the safety and comfort of your child(ren) in the event of an emergency.

  • Carpool Request

    A family that lives near the Aldergrove/Abbotsford boundary is looking for a carpool 1-2 weeks per month.  The parent’s work schedule has changed and they are now working two weeks of mornings and one week of afternoon shifts on a rotation.  They are looking to find a family that is willing to pick up their two children (grades 4 and 7) after school and drop them off at their home on the weeks that they work in the afternoon, and they are willing to pay for this.  If you are able to help, please call the school at 604-852-1788 and we will connect you with this family in need of help.

  • Sports Teams/Clubs - Permission Forms

    As mentioned at Meet the Teacher Night, we will do our best to post the permission forms for sports teams and clubs on the website the week that they go home, and mention this in the News Flash.  This week forms went home for the Cross Country team and the Grade 4/5 Soccer team.  If your child did not bring a form home, and you would like one, you can either pick a form up on the bulletin board outside the gym, or you can go to the school’s website under the “Parents” tab and click on “Forms”.  You will find both permission forms on the website.

  • Individual Photo Day

    Remember, Picture Day is taking place on Monday, September 10th.  Please send your child to school with their sweater, looking neat and tidy.  Lifetouch makes it simple by letting you order your portraits online by using your Picture Day ID and child’s first name to get started.  If you prefer to order on paper, they will also be sending an order form home as well.  Smile and have fun!

  • Food Related Treats - New Policy

    At Meet the Teacher Night, parents were informed that as a school we have decided that we will no longer allow food related treats to be brought into the classrooms for the whole class to celebrate special events such as birthdays.  With the number of students with food allergies at the school it is getting more and more difficult to be able to provide treats that all children can safely eat, and we want to limit the amount of sugar that the children are eating when we can.  We still want your child’s birthday to be a special day, so if you would like to send your own child to school on their birthday with a special treat, feel free to do so.  Or, if you want to provide a treat for the whole class on your child’s special day, please consider non-food treat items such as pencils, bookmarks or stickers.  School-related events and special days planned by the teachers in the classrooms will still make school a fun place to be, but healthy living is our priority!

  • Drop Off/Pick Up Lane

    This week we are happy to report that things have gone quite smoothly in the Drop Off/Pick Up Lane.  Parents are remembering that there is no passing in the lane, although having a “live” pylon blocking the second lane is probably a pretty good visual reminder as well!  While a few cars have snuck in through the “exit gate” this seemed to decrease by the end of the week.  Please remember the following:

    • Enter the Drop Off/Pick Up Lane from Townline Rd. – traffic flows in one direction only
    • Please make sure that your children know you are using the Pick Up Lane after school – if you are still waiting at 2:35 you will be asked to pull around again
    • Traffic exiting the Drop Off/Pick Up Lane has the right-of-way to exit the parking lot
    • Enter the parking lot from the far (west) gate only
    • Patience, patience, patience,,,
  • Beloved Marriage Course

    St. Ann’s Family Group invites you to join us for “Wine and Cheese with your Beloved” this fall at St. Ann’s Parish.  We will be watching the Beloved: Living Marriage series.  It will run for three Friday sessions:  September 21st, October 19th and November 16th.  Our final night will include dinner.  Cost:  $15/person (includes all 3 sessions).  Time:  6:45pm (doors open); 7:00 – 9:00pm (course).  For more information and to register click here.

  • Fun Night - Friday, September 14th - 4:30 - 7:30pm

    Fun Night, our annual Carnival-style fundraiser is coming this Friday!  All ages come and have fun!!!  There is something for everyone:  NEW THIS YEAR is a Climbing Wall.  We will also have Inflatables, Midway games, Photo Booth, Face Painting, Raffle and Silent Auction, Concession and fabulous BBQ, and more PLUS don’t forget the Redemption Prize Table!!!

    Class Raffle Basket items due Monday.

    Pre-ordered Wristbands form due by 8:30am on Tuesday.

    Check out our Facebook page for sneak previews of Silent Auction Items and other stuff!

    For more info click here.  For the Wristband Order Form click here.

    Thank you to our sponsors:  YMS: Your Mortgage Source and Westlynn Meats & Seafood.

    If you are interested in being a Fun Night Sponsor or Donor, please click here to contact Nicola Humphreys.

    Can’t wait to see you there!

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