Thunder News Flash – December 16, 2017

December 15, 2017
  • Care for Everyone in Our Common Home

    I want to thank everyone who participated in the Giving Tree. We have a wonderful community here at St. James and St. Ann’s. St. Vincent de Paul, Nightshift Ministries, and the RCAV Prison Ministry will distribute the goods collected to the people most in need. Again thank you for making the Giving Tree a success!

  • Christmas Prayer Service

    Date: December 21, 2017

    Time: Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and Prayer Service starts at 7:00 p.m.

    Location: St. James Parish Church

    Description: Students will lead the audience through prayer and song focussing on the true spirit of Christmas. Each grade has been practicing Christmas songs to sing. The aim of our Christmas Prayer Service is to create a peaceful evening in which we can reflect on the meaning of advent and the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ.


  • What does my child wear for the Christmas Prayer Service?

    We are asking that children be dressed in their “Sunday best.” We are in a church so we want to be respectful. No jeans or sleeveless dresses or t-shirts. If in doubt, students can always wear their uniform with their school sweater. If you require further clarification please speak with your classroom teacher or Mr. van der Pauw.


  • Big Christmas Book and Basket

    The Big Christmas Book and Basket is back and is being raffled off. 

    • Made by Kindergarten and Grade 5 students
    • Tickets on sale at lunch MondayTuesdayWednesday, and Thursday for 25 cents a ticket
    • Last chance to buy tickets will be on December 21 at the Christmas Prayer Service.
    • All proceeds will go to the Catholic charity Chalice


  • December 19 Christmas Dress Down Day

    On December 19th we are having a Christmas themed dress down day. This is a day for showing some Christmas school spirit. Appropriate attire only. Your child could wear red, white, or green colours. Or your child could wear a christmas themed shirt with a pair of jeans. Or if your child is extra enthusiastic about Christmas then they could come to school dressed up as an elf, a shepherd, an angel, a who from the Grinch, etc. Or maybe just wear an ugly Christmas sweater! Or maybe a Christmas onesie pyjama!

    I look forward to seeing everyone showing their Christmas spirit on December 19th!


  • Student Led Mass at St. Ann's on January 14th 2018

    There will be a student led mass at St. Ann’s on Sunday January 14th at the 10am service!
    We need students for the readings, greeting, gifts, and bulletins. If your family belongs to the Parish of St. Ann’s we are asking for your assistance. With our Open House on January 17th this is an excellent opportunity to showcase some of our students. We are asking that any students who regularly attend this Mass wear their school uniform as a show of pride. 
    Parents please contact Kellie Ouimet at if you are able to assist.


  • Open House January 17

    Spread the word! St. James and St. Ann’s Elementary School is having an Open House on January 17 at 6:30 pm! Current and new families are invited to attend. We will have displays and presentations around the school. This is an opportunity for us to showcase many of the programs that make our school great. Please RSVP at if you are able to attend.  


  • Parking Lot Etiquette

    I would like to take a moment to remind our community of the important rules that govern our parking lot:

    1. Handicapped Parking Spots: These spots are not to be used for pick up or drop off. The Handicapped Spots are designated for those who actually need parking close to the facilities. There are St. James Parishioners and some of our own families that need those spots. While I know you may think you will just be a minute or two, but it sets a poor example for our students when we do not respect the purpose of the Handicapped Parking Spots. 
    2. Staff Parking Lot: This is not a drop off lot for parents who have students that attend both SJB and St. James and St. Ann’s Elementary. Please use either school’s parking lot or drop off lanes. I would recommend using our drop off lane as the high school student is more than capable of walking to SJB from our parking lot. 
    3. Reserved Parking Spots: I know that it is tempting to sometimes park in spots that are reserved for others. When I go to Thomas Haney Secondary School, I am sometimes tempted to park in the spot reserved for the District Superintendent because it is close to the doors and the chances of the Superintendent showing up is slim. Yet, I never actually park there because I know that the one time I do decide to park there is going to be the time that the Superintendent shows up. So please do not park in spots that are rightly reserved for others. 
    4. No Passing in the Pick-up / Drop off Lane: It is not safe to pass in the Pick-up / Drop-off lane because kids are entering and exiting cars and they do not always check to see if a car is coming. Unless directed by a staff member there is to be no passing in this lane. Please see our Parent Handbook for a detailed explanation as well as visuals for our parking procedures. You can find the Parent Handbook on our school website. 

    We sometimes may think it is not that big of a deal. And in comparison to the many problems that plague our world, from natural disasters to war to extreme poverty, I would have to agree. However, it is important that we model to our students that we respect the rules that govern our communities because we expect our children to do the same.

    Thank you for your cooperation.  

  • Workshop on Anxiety

    Making Sense of Anxiety in Children and Youth

    Dr. Gordon Neufeld sheds light on the problem of the escalating level of anxiety in our children, and paves the way for natural interventions to get to the root causes as opposed to just managing symptoms. Although the focus is on children, the material will benefit anyone suffering from anxiety. 

    St. Ann’s Family Group invites all parents and caregivers to this video course, facilitated by Kevin Bredeman, MA, on Thursdays, Jan. 11, 18, 25 and Feb. 1, from 7-9 p.m. at St. Ann’s Parish. Cost is $30/person. Register to reserve your spot. Childcare is available upon request for children 3+. For more details, e-mail or visit

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