Thunder News Flash – November 17, 2018

November 16, 2018
  • What do you want of me, Lord?

    This week we had a combined Hymn Sing and Assembly on Wednesday and continued to unpack the topic of superheroes.  Superheroes all have special powers such as the ability to fly, shoot spiderwebs, or incredible strength.  Just like superheroes, we all have a superpower – the power of prayer!  We reviewed the different forms of prayer and how we pray “through” Mary and other saints, not “to” them.  Just like in hockey, when our prayers are answered the saints are credited with an “assist”.  Prayer is our communication with God, and is far more powerful than any of the abilities given to the fictitious superheroes that we are familiar with.  

  • Incentive for Signing Up - Remind App

    As mentioned previously, we will now be using the Remind App to share important announcements with school parents, and will no longer be sending emails for things like early dismissal reminders, upcoming events and school closures due to snow or power outages.  This app was used during the last school year; however, we have started a new group called “St. James and St. Ann’s School Announcements 2018-2019”.  All school families, new or old, who would like to receive these important messages must sign up to be a part of this new group by clicking here.  Next week the first message will be sent and there will be a special incentive that will be awarded to one of the families who has signed up this school year.  You wouldn’t want to miss out!

  • Morning Routines

    We are noticing that there are a number of children who are remaining inside the school hallways in the morning, and would like your help with encouraging your children to go outside when they arrive at school before the 8:25 warning bell.  This is such an important time for them to socialize with their friends, get some fresh air and be active before they start their school day.  Students who engage in regular outdoor activities are much more ready to learn when they come inside, as their physical and social needs are taken care of.  So, let’s work together to ensure your children have an optimal learning experience once that school bell rings!

  • Interesting Article

    Assumption School is the Catholic elementary school in Powell River, and it has quite a high non-Catholic student population.  The principal of the school shared an interesting article written by one of the parents at the school, called “I send my kids to Catholic school, but I’m not Catholic”.  If you would like to read the article, click here.

  • Extra-Curricular Programs - New Procedure

    As a staff we regularly review our procedures and protocols in order to ensure that things are running smoothly at the school, and in light of this we are making a change to how students are dismissed after sports practices/games and club meetings.  Parents or caregivers will now be required to park their vehicles and come into the school to pick up their children when extra-curricular activities end.  Students will not be allowed to walk to the parking lot, or the SJB parking lot, on their own.  Please note that this change is being made in an effort to ensure the safety of all children, as that is always our primary concern.

  • Parent Prayer Group

    Come and pray the rosary with us for our school community at 8:30am every Thursday morning.  Please note that we have changed our location and will now meet each week in the school Library.  Small children and babies are welcome.

  • St. Joseph's, Mission - Annual Bazaar

    Looking for a fun, family event this Christmas season?  St. Joseph’s Parish in Mission warmly invites you to experience their annual Bazaar on November 24, 2018 from 10:00am – 3:00pm.  Bring your family, your neighbours and friends for an afternoon full of fun, games, prizes, homemade baking, carmesa, paddle wheel, craft table and much, much more!  This is a wonderful opportunity for Christmas gift shopping, games and activities for the whole family.  Santa’s kitchen will be serving hot food and drinks from 10:00am – 3:00pm.  And, don’t forget our famous Tea Room opens at 1:00pm!  Who wouldn’t love to be served dainties and tea after a lovely day of Christmas cheer?  Please come out and support St. Joseph’s largest fundraiser of the year, so that we may continue to serve our parish and broader community by sharing, teaching and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

    St. Joseph’s Parish, 32550 7th Avenue, Mission.

  • Thunderwear

    The Thunderwear has arrived at the school, has been sorted and will be sent home with the oldest child in each family on Monday.  Now that the Thunderwear is here we are happy to announce that the last Thursday of each month will be Thunderwear Thursday.  Please watch the calendar on the website for the exact dates, especially for months like December and March where there are school breaks on the last Thursday of the month.  Students may replace pieces of their uniform with Thunderwear items that they have.  For example, if they have a Thunderwear t-shirt they may wear that instead of their school shirt OR if they have Thunderwear sweatpants they wear these instead of their uniform pants.  Please note these days are not full dress down days, so students may not wear jeans or clothing items that are neither Thunderwear or uniform pieces.  

  • Fundraising

    A huge Thank You to everyone for their participation in the first 2 fundraising events at our school, as well as the Thunderwear ordering and Shopfunds Gift Cards ordering.  We have had a great start to this year’s fundraising by raising over $8,400 so far.  We are well on our way to our goal of $50,000!

    Fun Night Profits: $6,740.19

    Movie Night Profits:  $1,719.85

    Thunderwear & Shopfunds gift cards – numbers will be in shortly.  

    Fundraising helps keep our school fees down, as well as provide us with financial opportunities for special projects.  Every little bit helps!

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  • Parent Participation Program

    Thank you for your support!