Thunder News Flash – December 26-30

December 24, 2016
  • Merry Christmas

    This Thunder News Flash will be arriving in your “inbox” on December 25th, so we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.  We hope that with family and friends you are celebrating the birth of Jesus, and making memories that will bring you joy throughout the coming new year.

  • Christmas Challenge

    As your children open their Christmas gifts, we hope that they enjoy all that they have received today, and are thankful for all that they have every day.  But we know that this is not the reality for everyone around the world.  Today and every day, let us remember those who are in need far away from where we live.  We are hopeful that with your encouragement your children will be willing to donate a few dollars of any Christmas money they may have received to help purchase water systems to help those who can only dream of clean water.  Through Chalice the cost of a water system for a village is $600.  With 225 students in the school, if each student were to donate even $5 of their Christmas money we could raise almost enough to provide two villages with clean water.  If each student donated $10 we would have almost enough to buy four villages systems to provide clean water.  Please encourage your children to bring in a portion of their Christmas gift money, and on Friday, January 6th we will count up all the money in our “gifts” jar and see how much of an impact we have made with their generosity.  Together we can make big things happen! 

  • Sibling Applications

    If you already have children in the school, and would like to have a sibling come into Kindergarten or any other grade for the 2017-2018 school year, you must complete an Application Form.  The Sibling Application Form will be available at the school office on January 3rd, and they must be filled out and returned to the school office with all the required supporting documents no later than January 27th.  We will be having our New Parent Meeting on Wednesday, February 8th and we would like to be able to tell the new families how many spaces are available in each grade.  

  • Wrapping All The Way - DVD Orders

    Once again we will be selling DVD copies of our Christmas Musical, Wrapping All The Way, for $10 each.  If you would like to order a copy, simply email the school office by clicking here and requesting a copy.  Please let us know the family name and the number of copies you would like.  We will let you know when the copies are available, and will collect the money for the DVD when you come to pick it up.

  • Uniform Supplier

    There has been a small change in the company that sells our school uniforms – R.J. McCarthy will continue to supply uniforms to schools in eastern Canada, and Neat Uniforms will be selling uniforms to schools in western Canada.  As this name change takes effect there will be a small interruption in online sales as Neat Uniforms gets their new website up and running.  Our school uniforms may still be ordered over the phone or you can visit their store at 1050 Boundary Rd., Burnaby.

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  • Parent Participation Program

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