• Class Overview

  • Kindergarten

    Welcome to Kindergarten!  A time of transition for your child where they will learn many things in the areas of Christian Education, academics, play, socialization and emotional development.

    In Outdoor Kindergarten, the children are exposed to a variety of experiences with the natural world.  As the children build a connection to the natural environment they also learn to problem solve, develop language, showcase creative sills, and demonstrate social growth.

  • Curriculum Summary

  • Christian Education

    Children learn to understand that God is everywhere and is full of love.  They learn to listen and respond to Him through prayer, service, and love for all the things He has created.  Children will listen to the scriptures using the stories in the Bible, dramatize important events such as Christmas and Easter, and learn how to pray with all their hearts.  They will celebrate the Christian Mystery by participating in Mass and learning about the sacraments.  Service for Kindergarten is lived by learning how to live in a community with others.

  • Language Arts

    The world around us inspires us to be curious and to learn new things.  In Kindergarten, they listen to stories, learn valuable lessons from the characters, and reason out by expressing their thoughts and feelings.  Also with the use of rhymes, poems, songs, and pictures, students should be able to discover how language works.  They will learn how to use different reading and oral strategies and further learn the concept of print and letter knowledge.

  • Math

    Math is everywhere!  Students will discover that numbers can be counted in quantities and can be communicated in many different ways.  They will be able to use concrete materials like blocks, marbles, toys, and other things in the environment.  They will visualize Math through pictures and symbols from 1-10.  Students will discover that Math is made up of patterns and be identified.

  • Science

    Kindergarten students will learn many things about plants, animals, and the environment they live in.  They will learn to observe, ask simple questions and develop a sense of wonder.  The students will make exploratory observations using their senses.  Using non-standard measurements like paper clips, their hands, and feet to name a few, they will be able to measure objects they see around them.  Students then will understand that the world around them is truly a gift that should always be taken care of.

  • Social Studies

    The students will learn that the community they are in is diverse because people are different, yet similar in many ways.  They will find out more about who they are and where they are from.  In their own simple ways, they will be able to ask questions, interpret, and communicate their ideas.  They will also learn that people have rights, roles, and responsibilities and they need to learn how to do their part and respect others.

  • Fine Arts

    Students will get a chance to express Art in many different ways.  They will use drama, music and visual arts to be able to express who they are.  Art will be intertwined with different subjects like Language Arts, Science, Socials and Math.  The students will also explore the use of the different materials available to create a design.  They will also get a chance to do Aboriginal art and find out the symbolism as an expression of meaning.

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  • Class Teachers

    • Miss. Karolina Lavrikova

      Miss. Karolina Lavrikova


      Miss. Lavrikova received her Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of the Fraser Valley. She previously worked as an Educational Assistant at St. James & St. Ann’s School and is excited to be teaching Kindergarten this year.