Grade 7

  • Class Overview

  • Grade 7

    Grade 7 is a very exciting year. The students have reached the end of their elementary years and as the senior class in the school, they are the student leaders. With the extra privileges that go with Grade 7, there are also the increased responsibilities and expectations. Students model good behaviour, attitudes, manners, and school spirit. They also show courtesy, consideration, common sense, caring and concern.

    During the Grade 7 year the students usually participate in some very exciting field trips, and we hope to be able to offer these again this year.

  • Curriculum Summary

  • Christian Education

    At this age level, children are experiencing many changes both physically and emotionally. Our religion program deals directly with these changes and helps students gain a greater insight into themselves through our Catholic faith. Confirmation is the main theme for this year. We use Chosen – a text that will lead the students through a deep understanding of this sacrament. There are also several parent meetings throughout the year to support the Confirmation program.

  • Language Arts

    The Language Arts curriculum is divided into three main strands.  In Reading we look at short stories, poetry, and novel studies.  In Oral speaking there are reports to share information with classmates, opportunities in Speech Arts, and working in literature circles to share ideas and opinions about a reading selection.  These will instill confidence and ability in this area. In Writing, there are many opportunities to do daily writing in journals, report writing, responding, and creative writing projects.

  • Social Studies

    In Social Studies our program focuses on Ancient Civilizations. We study Early Man and the ancient culture of Mesopotamia as a class, and expectations are modelled for students to be able to conduct their own research on an Ancient Civilization of their choice to present to their peers.  Through this process students are taught many important research and presentation skills, and these are practically applied to their projects. 

  • Science

    In Science we tackle each of the competencies in the curriculum by looking at the large topic of “water”.  In the Chemistry unit we work on understanding water in all of its forms through many hands-on experiments.  In the Electricity unit we study hydroelectricity and its uses and implications in society.  This part of our Science will include much exploration.  We go outside to explore water in the natural environment and connect this to our learning in Social Studies, Language Arts and Religion.

  • Math

    In Math the students will be learning about the following topics: Place value and patterns in numbers; decimals, fractions and percentage; measurement; multiples; negative and positive numbers; geometry; data analysis; variables and equations. Throughout each unit, students will use some of the following skills: estimation, problem solving, calculator sense and mathematical language.

  • Visual Arts/Drama

    The majority of the visual arts projects that the students undertake relate to a variety of school events such as Fun Night. Students will also study the works of several artists and create their own representations based on these works. 

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  • Class Teacher

    • Mrs. Rita Wakely
      Grade 1 Teacher

      Mrs. Rita Wakely

      Grade 1 Teacher

      Mrs. Wakely received her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia. Mrs. Wakely has taught a variety of grades from Kindergarten to Grade 10 in such locations as Prince Rupert, Nanaimo and Abbotsford. Mrs. Wakely has gained a wealth of experience in her more than 25 years of teaching. Mrs. Wakely has completed the Google For Education Fundamentals Training.

    • Mrs. Christy Dos Santos
      Grade 7 Teacher

      Mrs. Christy Dos Santos

      Grade 7 Teacher

      Mrs. Christy Dos Santos received her Bachelor of Education from UBC and her Masters in Educational Leadership from Trinity Western University. She has taught students from Grades Kindergarten to Grade 11 and she loves the community here at St. James School. Mrs. Dos Santos loves the learning and the fun that happens in the Grade 7 classroom and she cherishes all of the joy that comes from being a part of this school community.