Grade 6

  • Class Overview

  • Grade 6

    Grade 6 is a year filled with learning adventures. The students have almost reached the end of their elementary years, and being only a year away from their senior year they are becoming responsible leaders, learning from their next door neighbours, the Grades 7s.

    At St. James & St. Ann’s School the Grade 6 students are taught to be Christ-like, and look after their younger friends.  We are going to strive to be the best version of ourselves.

    We will also be learning a lot about technology and its proper use.  Google docs, Google slides, Google forms and other Google apps will help us create amazing projects!

  • Curriculum Summary

  • Christian Education

    This year we will study the Old Testament and its meaning for Catholics.  Studying the Old Testament guides the students to see in Jesus the fulfillment of all the Father has promised, as well as the perfect response to His love.  The students are encouraged to respond to God’s call to enter into loving relationships with God and with the Church.  This response manifests itself in love and care for all people. 

  • Language Arts

    We are going to discover different types of texts:  Oral (speeches, poems, plays and oral stories), Written (novels, articles, and short stories), Visual (posters, photographs, and other images) and Digital (electronic forms of oral, written and visual).  Oral, written and visual elements can be combined, such as in dramatic presentations, graphic novels, films, web pages and advertisements.  Through Literacy Centres we will be working on reading strategies, oral language strategies, metacognitive strategies, the writing process, paragraphing, sentence structure and grammar, conventions and presentation techniques.

  • Math

    We will be revising and developing mathematical fluency with small to large numbers (thousandths to billions), and with multiplication and division facts to 100 in order to develop computational fluency.  We will also learn the order of operations with whole numbers.  In order to understand fractions and being able to work with them, we will focus first on learning factors and multiples.  We will also introduce ratios, and continue to develop our knowledge of decimals, graphing, perimeter and the area of different shapes.  To make Math practical we will be introducing simple budgeting and consumer Math.  We are going to learn all of these exciting new things using an amazing computer-based program called Mathletics, which proved itself to be very popular among young students.

  • Science

    We will be studying the Solar System and planets, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Gravity, Forces and the basic structure and functions of the human body and its systems (excretory, reproductive, hormonal and nervous).  We will be learning about mixtures and about local First People’s knowledge of separation and extraction methods.  No Grade 6 Science program would be complete without lots of hands on exploration and experiments, and amazing field trips full of learning opportunities.

  • Social Studies

    We will be comparing the government and economic structures of different countries to try and understand the patterns in development and how certain laws, policies, political parties, etc., can lead to a country and its people, resources, etc., thriving or deteriorating.  Our theme “I Can Do All Things Through Christ” will be integral and our students will be participating in a project in which they will develop their idea of global poverty and inequality issues.  The students will be discovering media technologies and the coverage of current events.

  • Visual Arts

    Grade 6 will be learning several creative techniques in different mediums to develop an appreciation of the Visual Arts. They will learn how to use feelings, observation, memory and imagination to create images as well as how to express their beliefs and values. The students will analyse and apply image-development strategies to describe image development and design.

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  • Class Teachers

    • Mrs. Lauren Schwagele
      Grade 6 Teacher

      Mrs. Lauren Schwagele

      Grade 6 Teacher

      Mrs. Schwagele received her Bachelor of Music- Major in Vocal Performance and Education from Kwantlen University. She then studied at the University of British Columbia attaining her Bachelor of Education. Mrs. Schwagele has taught in the Catholic School System for Three years and before classroom teaching was an Educational Assistant for Two years. She is very excited to join the St. James and St. Ann’s team and is looking forward to teaching Grade Six again!