Grade 5

  • Class Overview

  • Grade 5

    Grade 5 is a great time for continuing to develop good character traits, leadership skills and study habits. The boys and girls move one year closer to the top end of the intermediate grades and to the end of their time at elementary school. They realize that they achieve significantly through cooperative work with diverse groups of peers. Students begin to look further outward at the world around us and to take an interest in both local issues as well as foreign situations that affect us in Canada.

    The Grade 5 curriculum has an interesting mix of concepts that provide opportunities for field trips and in-class presentations.

  • Class Objectives

  • Christian Education

    This year the children will be learning the meaning of worshiping God in community.  The worship of God includes prayer and service.  We give worship to God through the celebration of the Eucharist and Sacraments.  Through the study of the liturgy, the students become aware of Christ’s work of salvation.  They learn to participate more fully in order to give thanks and praise God.  Each of the units in the Grade 5 program ends with a four-page Family Feature that suggests family customs and provides activities to help the faith come alive at home.  These pages will be sent home with the children.

  • Language Arts

    The Language Arts curriculum will focus on having the students read fluently, develop comprehension and respond effectively to questions. They will be practising identifying the main idea in stories and using creativity to explain how their learning is affected by what they read. Students will be challenged to make connections from what they read to their lives and experiences, and the experiences of people in their lives. Reading materials will be carefully selected based on interests. Opportunities will be given for students to develop their use of oral language through poetry recitation, Bible readings, and storytelling. Students will also be given an opportunity to improve their writing skills by writing poetry and various literary forms.

  • Mathematics

    In Grade 5 our focus will be on practising basic facts and increasing accuracy in computation. We will begin the year with patterns and equations then move on to whole numbers and place value. We will work on multiplication and division, measurement, decimals and fractions and then on to geometry. The year will conclude with statistics and probability, and transformations. Throughout the year, we will continue to practise solving word problems cooperatively and in large groups.

  • Science

    The Science curriculum focuses on force and motion, the human body and environmental science. We will be considering environmental issues and sustainability.  Students will be able to identify how we can conserve both living and non-living resources in our communities.  In our unit on the human body, students will make models to represent body systems and parts of our bodies. We will be learning about simple machines and how complex machines are made up of smaller machines to make work easier.  There are exercises and activities that will involve students working in teams to solve issues and problems.

  • Social Studies

    The Social Studies curriculum focuses on Canada’s history, geography and the diverse mix of cultures that are here. We will talk about first peoples and the founding peoples, immigration, government, transportation and communities. The students will find opportunities to trace the contributions that individuals have had to the development of Canada.

  • Information Technology/Art

    Students will be given an opportunity to learn coding concepts in IT class.  Students will use the website to go through a course appropriate for their age level.  Students will develop their abilities in Art by participating in Art activities for various occasions like various Christmas, Easter, Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, etc.

  • Class Schedule

    for the 2020 - 2021 school year
    08:25Welcoming BellWelcoming BellWelcoming BellWelcoming BellWelcoming Bell
    8:30 – 8:40Opening and First FiveOpening and First FiveOpening and First FiveOpening and First FiveOpening and First Five
    8:40 – 8:45Prayer/ AnnouncementsPrayer/ AnnouncementsPrayer/ AnnouncementsPrayer/ AnnouncementsPrayer/ Announcements
    8:45 – 9:20Christian EducationChristian EducationHymn Sing/ AssembliesChristian EducationChristian Education
    9:20 – 9:55ELAELAELAELAELA
    9:55 – 10:15ELAELAELAELAMusic
    10:50 – 11:25BuddiesMathMathMathArt
    11:25 – 12:00MathMathMathMathArt
    12:00 – 12:20Prayer Read and FeedPrayer Read and FeedPrayer Read and FeedPrayer Read and FeedPrayer Read and Feed
    12:25 – 12:45Lunch RecessLunch RecessLunch RecessLunch RecessLunch Recess
    12:45 – 1:20ITFrench 5Science/SocialsPE 4/5Science/Socials
    1:20 – 1:55Science/SocialsFrench 5Science/SocialsPE 4/5Science/Socials
    1:55 – 2:30Science/SocialsFrench 5 + Silent ReadingHealth & CareerPE 4/5 + Silent ReadingPE 5
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  • Class Teacher

    • Mr. Michael Mendonca
      Grade 5 Teacher

      Mr. Michael Mendonca

      Grade 5 Teacher

      Mr. Mendonca graduated from BCIT with a Bachelors in Technology, from the Seminary of Christ The King with a Bachelors in Arts and from Trinity Western University with a Bachelors in Education.  Prior to teaching, Mr. Mendonca worked as a software developer for four years.  He then went on to teach in BC schools in Qatar and China, and at St. Francis of Xavier teaching coding and Grade 6.  Mr. Mendonca is currently completing his Masters in Education degree from Thompson Rivers University.