Grade 3

  • Class Overview

  • Grade 3

    Grade 3 is an exciting year!  It is the last year that students will be in the primary grades and the last year that they will be the “younger buddies”.  As such, the grade three students will spend the year learning the importance of being a “professional student” in a “professional classroom” in order to become even greater school role models.  In addition, the time that students spend with their Grade 6 Buddies each week will also teach them how to be good leaders in our school.

    The British Columbia Curriculum for Grade 3 allows for integrated learning and exploration.  Students will continue to work on being successful readers and writers and they will continue to work on increasing their level of understanding in Math.  Students will be encouraged to share ideas in new and creative ways.

    This we will develop the Archdiocesan theme by focussing on a different person in Jesus’ life each month.  Students will have a chance to explore these ideas during Christian Education and monthly school assemblies.

  • Curriculum Summary

  • Christian Education

    Students will focus a lot of their attention on learning about the Apostles’ Creed and they will continue to learn the importance of actively participating in Mass.  In the classroom, two students will lead class prayer each morning for an entire week.  Students will also explore the Archdiocesan theme

  • English Language Arts

    Students will further develop their reading and writing skills by studying stories and other texts.  Students will learn that stories can be understood from different perspectives and that they can help us learn about ourselves and the world around us.  Students will be encouraged to be creative in their writing to have a better appreciation for how language works.

  • Mathematics

    Students will explore Math through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  They will learn number concepts to 1000 and fraction concepts.  Students will continue to work on patterns by studying pattern rules as well as increasing and decreasing patterns.  Students will also continue to work towards mastering financial literacy with coins and bills up to 100 dollars.

  • Science

    Students will use questioning and predicting techniques when studying the Science curriculum.  Students will learn about the environment (including ecosystems, local landforms, and observable changes in the local environment) as well as energy and matter.

  • Social Studies

    Students will learn about people from diverse cultures.  They will study cultural characteristics of local First Peoples and compare and contrast them with global indigenous peoples.  Students will learn about oral histories, traditions, and aspects of life shared by different cultures.  Students will be encouraged to ask questions, gather information, and communicate their findings in a variety of ways.

  • Visual Arts/Drama

    Students will take part in a variety of creative experiences.  They will study visual arts, dance, drama, and music.  Students will work towards expressing ideas and feelings in creative and positive ways.

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  • Class Teacher

    • Ms. Sheena Lewis
      Grade 3 Teacher

      Ms. Sheena Lewis

      Grade 3 Teacher
    • Mrs. Marie Doyle
      Grade 3 Teacher & Learning Resource Teacher

      Mrs. Marie Doyle

      Grade 3 Teacher & Learning Resource Teacher

      Mrs. Doyle received her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia. She has taught for 25 years at St. James & St. Ann’s School. As an experienced teacher, Mrs. Doyle has taught a variety of grades from Kindergarten to Grade 3. Mrs. Doyle has completed the Google For Education Fundamentals Training and is an OG Classroom Educator.