Thunder News Flash – November 27, 2021

November 26, 2021
  • The Christmas Giving Tree

    There are often a number of people in need at this time of year, but the challenges brought on by the flooding in the last few weeks have certainly put a strain on food banks and other charities who support those in distress.  Many school families have offered assistance to those in need, and one wonderful way to do this is to support our Christmas Giving Tree.  Once again we will be collecting food, gift items and gift cards for St. Vincent de Paul to add to their Christmas hampers, and the need is greater than every this year.  While we will have a Christmas tree in the front hallway, we will once again be using an electronic sign up platform for parents to select an item or two to purchase for those less fortunate.  The link to the electronic sign up will be emailed to parents early next week, as our campaign will run from December 1st – 13th.  Using the same process as when we have parents sign up for conferences, you will simply select the item you would like to purchase, and if you want to select another item you simply have to add another item.  Once you have purchased your item(s), your child may bring them to the school in the morning and place them in the collection bins outside of the Library, and your child will be given an ornament to place on the Christmas tree.  Any gift cards that are purchased should be brought directly to the office by your child.  Grade three parents, please note that as a class you are already participating in this program, so you do not need to sign up at the link as well.

    We thank you for any and all donations you are able to make to support this very worthy cause.  

  • Other Ways to Help in Abbotsford

    While donating to our Christmas Giving Tree is a wonderful way to support those in need in Abbotsford, there are other ways to directly help the people affected by the recent flooding.  One group of people who perhaps haven’t received as much coverage by the media is the migrant workers.  These workers come from places like Mexico and Guatemala, and they work to send money home to their families.  However, they also spend their time gathering materials in large suitcases to bring with them when they go home for Christmas, such as gifts for their kids.  All of those things were lost in the flood as they had to quickly evacuate with just the clothes on their backs.  Approximately 200 migrant workers are being housed at Evergreen Hall in Chilliwack, and approximately 100 are at the Tradex in Abbotsford.  These workers are in desperate need of help.  To help the migrant workers currently in Chilliwack, contact Lise Tetreault by clicking here, and to help those in Abbotsford, contact Sue Backs by clicking here.

    There are many other ways to help as well, and details can be found on the City of Abbotsford website by clicking here.  Go to this link and scroll down to ‘Donations and Support’. There you will find links to many organizations like Archway Community Services, Bibles for Missions, the Canadian Red Cross, the Abbotsford Relief Fund, etc.  

    Finally, many people across the province have been deeply affected by the flooding, and they need our prayers at this time.  With our prayers and God’s help, the needs of so many will be met.

  • Monitor the Website Carefully

    There are a number of weather systems headed towards the Fraser Valley in the coming days, and the risk of further flooding or landslides is quite high.  Please watch the school website carefully over the next week as announcements will be posted there by 6:30am.  Parents will also receive an email regarding any further school closures, but these may arrive in your inbox a little later.

  • COVID-19 Vaccinations for Children Ages 5-11

    COVID-19 vaccination is now approved for children ages 5 – 11.  The Ministry of Education has asked that schools pass along information to parents, which can be found by clicking here

  • Early Dismissal Day - December 1st

    Please note that our next early dismissal day for our monthly staff meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 1st.  The students should bring a snack and lunch to school that day, and will be dismissed at 12:55pm.

  • Regional Education Committee - new member needed

    Are you a member of St. Joseph’s Parish?  The Regional Education Committee (REC) is looking for one more member to represent St. Joseph’s Parish at our monthly meetings,  Please contact Tasha for more information by clicking here. 

  • Parent Participation Reminder

    To date, only about half of the parents have recorded any hours of Parent Participation through the Parent Participation portal on the school’s website.  If you have completed some hours, but just haven’t had a chance to record them yet, you can do so by clicking here, or by scrolling down to the end of the News Flash and clicking on the button marked “Submit Your Hours”.  If you need help with your username or password, please email the school office by clicking here.

  • December Hot Lunch

    As mentioned in a previous email, the Subway Hot Lunch that was scheduled for November 16th when the school was closed will be shifted to December 7th.  If parents ordered Subway for their children in November, your child will receive their sandwich and you have already paid for this.  As a special treat, on Tuesday, December 14th the school will be providing hotdogs for all of the children in the school for lunch, and they will also be receiving a special cupcake that day.  There is no need to order the hotdogs, and the school will provide one hotdog for children in Kindergarten – Grade 2 and two hotdogs for children in Grades 3 – 7.  If your child requires more lunch than this, please send them with some additional food.  If your child cannot eat hotdogs, or requires a gluten-free bun, please send an email to the school by clicking here.  We hope this is a special treat for the children, and parents who do not need to pack a lunch that day!

  • Shopfunds Gift Card Fundraiser - THANK YOU!!!

    Thank you to everyone for such huge support of our Shopfunds Gift Cards Fundraiser!  We had over $30,000 in orders!!!  By just buying gift cards at face value, you have helped raise almost $1,500 for St. James & St. Ann’s School!  We hope to do this again in the spring.   The PFA is working hard to have your orders ready for pick-up this coming week on Friday, December 3 at 2:30pm

  • Daily Health Check

    Please complete a Daily Health Check with your child each day before they come to school.  The easiest way to do this is to go to the BC K-12 Health Check website by clicking here.  Please also remember that adults and children in Kindergarten – Grade 7 are required to wear masks in indoor spaces.  These proactive steps will help us all remain safe and healthy.

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  • Parent Participation Program

    Thank you for your support!