Thunder News Flash – September 11, 2021

September 10, 2021
  • Welcome Back!

    It was wonderful to be able to once again welcome the students back to school last week for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.  Even though things are different than what we were hoping for back in June, and we still have many health and safety protocols to follow, it is worth it to be able to have the students in the classrooms.  We are looking forward to being able to provide many exciting learning opportunities for your children, and hopefully one day soon we will be able to return to what we remember as a “typical” school experience.  In the meantime, let’s remember to try and be kind and patient with each other, as we all do our best to keep healthy and safe.

  • Morning and Afternoon Procedures at the School

    As you are no doubt aware, we had to make some changes in the procedures that were originally put in place for drop off and pick up at the school.  Please note that these are the new procedures that we will be following.

    In the morning, parents may do the following:

    • use the one drop off lane, entering the fire lane from Townline Rd., pull up as close as possible to the old flag pole driving on the left side of the fire lane, and your children may exit your vehicle and walk to the school.  You may then exit through the east gates of the parking lot onto Gardner Ave.
    • OR, park in the Parent Parking Lot, entering through the west gates and exiting through the east gates, or park on the street, walk their children to the cement sidewalk by the school, and then their children can walk to the school from there

    In the afternoon the children will:

    • be dismissed at 2:30
    • be lined up on the grass area at the front of the school with their siblings at cones according to the letter of the alphabet that their last name begins with

    In the afternoon parents may do the following:

    • park their vehicle in the Parent Parking Lot, or on the street, and walk to the cement area by the grass, and their children will be dismissed to them by a supervisor
    • OR, use the pick up lane, entering the fire lane from Townline Rd., pull up as close as possible to the old flag pole, driving on the left side of the fire lane, and your children will then be called by a supervisor to enter your vehicle – you would then exit through the east gates onto Gardner 
    • when using the pick up lane, please ensure that you do not block any driveways on Townline Rd., and please do not block Gardner Ave.
    • when joining the line of traffic on Townline Rd., please ensure that you are not cutting in the line – people may be stopped on Townline Rd. on the north side of Gardner Ave., intentionally leaving a gap so they are not blocking Gardner Ave. – check for vehicles with their right signal light on

    Please note that due to COVID-19 the following procedures will be in place:

    • students will remain in their line up until they are picked up by their parents
    • parents are encouraged to pick up their children and not gather at the front of the school for social purposes
    • even though we are outside, parents are asked to wear a mask when walking to pick up their children, as there are a large number of people in a small area, and physical distancing may not always be possible

    A big THANK YOU to all of the parents who are using their signal lights when they are in either the drop off or pick up lane.  Your left signal light indicates that you are dropping off or picking up your children, and your right signal light indicates that you are ready to leave the lane.  This is a huge help to the supervisors who are directing traffic!

  • Information from Fraser Health

    Fraser Health is changing the way that they communicate with schools, and therefore with parents, regarding COVID-19 in schools.  Here is the latest information provided to schools from the Medical Health Officer for Fraser Health, Dr. Ariella Zbar:

    “As per provincial direction, Public Health will notify staff and students who need to take a specific action, such as self-monitoring or self-isolation, as a result of a COVID-19 exposure.  The school community will be notified when appropriate, such as in the case of an outbreak, and this will be posted to our website.  Public Health will continue to provide contact tracing for all positive cases of COVID-19 in schools:

    • if a student or staff member is confirmed to have COVID-19, and were potentially infectious while they were at school, Public Health will investigate to determine if there were any potential close contacts within the school
    • if it is determined that there are close contacts within the school, Public Health will notify the school administrators and request information to assist with contact tracing and provide guidance on what steps should be taken
    • Public Health may then:  recommend 14-day self-isolation if necessary; recommend self-monitoring for symptoms if necessary; or provide follow-up recommendations if necessary
    • Schools will ensure students who are required to self-isolate are able to continue their educational program.  Together, schools and Public Health officials will determine if any other actions are necessary
    • Parents, caregivers and families will be notified by Public Health if their child is determined to be a close contact of a COVID-19 positive person”

    Fraser Health’s practice of notifying the entire school community when there is a COVID-19 exposure, as was done last school year, is no longer going to take place, and as stated above, only those directly affected will receive notifications.

  • Eucharistic Adoration

    St. Ann’s Parish will be having an intense prayer Adoration on September 26th from 3:00pm – 6:00pm.  A small gathering will follow with a maximum of 50 people.  Please click here to see the poster that contains more details about this prayer opportunity.

  • Vaccination Update from Fraser Health

    Fraser Health will be going ahead with their Grade 6 and 9 school vaccination program, and will also be catching up the students who missed these vaccinations last year.  Please click here to read a letter from Fraser Health about their vaccination programs for all school-aged children.

  • St. James Parish Moms Catholic Study Group

    Attention moms of young, school-aged children!  Have you wondered what Catholic Social Teaching is, exactly?  A beautifully written new Endow study unpacks the history and meaning behind the phrase, helping us understand this important part of Church teaching.  Journey with us every second and fourth Wednesday 12:15pm – 2:15pm in the Mount Joy Chapel starting September 29th until January 26th.  $25 for a digital copy of the study or $50 for a bound copy.  Please arrange for your own childcare as there is none provided.  Pre-registration is required and limited spots are available.  Contact Winsome Rauch by email by clicking here for more information, and click here to learn more about Endow studies.

  • Care Plans Overdue

    If your child has any allergies or medical concerns, and these were noted on your Registration form, you would have received a Care Plan to complete.  In the case of any anaphylaxis, there would have been a portion of your form that required your doctor to complete and sign.  Please note that these forms were due back to the school on September 8th, and should be returned to the school as soon as possible.  The health and safety of your child is our primary concern.

  • Work Bee - Today!

    The September Work Bee will take place at the school today, September 11th, from 9:00am – 2:00pm.  If you are scheduled to be at the Work Bee, or will be attending, please bring gloves for inside or outside work, and a mask for work that takes place inside the school.  It would also be greatly appreciate if you could bring any small gardening tools, particularly a rake.  Thank you once again for all of your hard work.

  • Early Dismissal Day - Wednesday, September 15th

    We will have our first early dismissal day this year for our monthly staff meeting next week, on Wednesday, September 15th.  Please send your child to school with a snack and lunch, and they will be dismissed at 12:55pm.  Please note that if you have registered with the YMCA Kids Club, this is a great option if you are unable to pick up your children early.

  • Comfort Kits and Id. Tags Due - September 17th

    Last week your children brought home two important items to help us with our emergency planning.  The first was a Ziploc bag with a list of the items required to create a personalized “comfort kit” for your child, and the second was their Id. tag to either complete or update.  Please note that these two items are due back to the school no later than Friday, September 17th.  The comfort kits will then be taken out to our shipping container where we store our emergency supplies, and the Id. tags will be placed in the classroom emergency backpack.  Thank you for helping us ensure that we are prepared in the event of an emergency.

  • Parent Participation

    Due to some changes in our Parent Participation Program this year as a result of COVID-19, some shuffling had to take place in the roles that parents are playing.  If you have not yet been contacted about your Parent Participation task for this year, you will receive an email by the end of next week at the latest.

  • Thunderwear - Order Forms Due Thursday, September 16

    This year, Thunderwear can be worn in place of PE strip and on every Thursday for Thunderwear Thursdays!  Thunderwear Hoodies can also be worn in place of the school uniform sweater any day, on top of their school uniform shirt.  Thunderwear order forms were sent home yesterday.  A garment sizing chart is included as samples will not be provided for trying on this year.  Please check your child’s backpack for the order form, or click here for a new form, as completed order forms, with payment, must be returned by Thursday, September 16th.  Cheque or direct debit will be accepted as payment.  A fundraising direct debit form was completed with your registration package and is on file with the school bookkeeper.  Just initial beside the total amount of your Thunderwear order to authorize the school to debit this amount from your account.

  • Daily Health Check

    Please complete a Daily Health Check with your child each day before they come to school.  The easiest way to do this is to go to the BC K-12 Health Check website by clicking here.  Please also remember that adults and children in Grades 4-7 are required to wear masks in indoor spaces, and children in Grades K-3 are strongly encouraged to wear masks as well.  These proactive steps will help us all remain safe and healthy.

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  • Parent Participation Program

    Thank you for your support!