International Education

  • For those international families who are considering sending their children to Canada to either participate in a Graduating or an Auditing Program, British Columbia is the place to send your children.  Not only is our location beautiful and our weather moderate, but our education standards are some of the highest in this country.  
    St. James & St. Ann’s School accepts international students into our school across the grades.  To assist international students with their English language acquisition, support from our Learning Assistance teacher will be provided.  
    Please read the information below to find out more about our program:
  • Graduating or Auditing Program
    International students are enrolled in either a Graduating or an Auditing Program.  Students must indicate their choice of program on the Application Form.
    Students enrolled in a Graduating Program are expected to complete all work expected of a Canadian student.   Students may be placed back a grade level to ensure they have acquired the necessary English skills and background knowledge for their courses.  This decision will be made by the principal based on their English language proficiency.
    Students enrolled in an Auditing Program are usually studying in Canada for less than six months and do not have a student Visa.  Students in this program are placed at grade level and complete as much work as they are able, however they will not receive a report card.  
    St. James & St. Ann’s School works exclusively with IGE to bring international students to our school.  If you are interested in pursuing an application to St. James & St. Ann’s School, please contact IGE directly at
    Application fee – $100 (non-refundable)
    Full year attendance – $17,000 tuition per year