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    • What do you want of me Lord?


      Week of January 22-25
      Tuesday, January 22, 2019


      This week’s homework:

      • Spelling Unit 16 – word study pages are due on Thursday to be marked in class. Test – words and three dictation sentences will be on Friday. (Note that dictation sentences are copied in your agenda.)
      • Math – Keep practising your multiplication and division facts daily. Remember to finish and correct daily math drills, paying extra close attention to the facts you DON’T know. Your goal is to improve each day. That means more facts or less time!







      • French

      The next test is on JEUDI LE 31 JANVIER 2019

      The test is on Vocabulary Section D and Les phrases bizarres



      To access the AIM portal go to :

      The user name is the students first name,  hyphen, last name – for example: finlay-stobbe

      The password is : French